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Why is the Build It Back Rebuild Program using a Developer model?

Rebuilding a new home with federal dollars in New York City requires a substantial amount of compliance and oversight. We have selected three development teams based on very competitive criteria who have strong track records of building quality and well-designed homes in New York City, and who understand the processes involved in receiving government funding. These development teams have pre-approved prototype designs ready for homeowners and can move through the review process quickly.

Borough Developer and Website
Phone Number Email
Staten Island
The Bluestone Organization
Queens Arverne by the Sea LLC
Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan
Galaxy General Contracting Corp.

Why does the Choose Your Own Contractor option have so many requirements?

The Rebuild Program requirements are the same for both the Choose Your Own Contractor option and the City-selected Developer option. These requirements include:

  1. All Rebuild projects must go through a review of the plans, budget, architect contract, and contractor who will be doing the construction.
  2. All Rebuild project contractors require certain due diligence guarantees, background checks, and insurance requirements to ensure construction completion and compliance with federal requirements.
  3. All Rebuild projects must meet federal Green Building requirements.

The Rebuild Program has dedicated staff available to assist homeowners interested in the Choose Your Own Contractor option, to answer questions, to discuss Rebuild Program requirements, and to help homeowners consider the City-selected Developer option versus the Choose Your Own Contractor option.

Are all homes that are being rebuilt also being elevated?

Yes. All homes that are substantially damaged as defined by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) will be elevated by the Build It Back Program. This includes all homes being reconstructed under the Rebuild Program.

How does Build It Back determine the pre-storm size of my home if it was demolished or destroyed?

For homes that were demolished or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, Build It Back will use City records to determine the size of the pre-storm home. This includes records from the Department of Finance, pre-demolition information (if the demolition was conducted by the City), and other city records. Build It Back will use these records to best determine the pre-storm home size. Build It Back will only rebuild legally habitable spaces that meet code requirements, including light, air and ventilation requirements. Please note that the rebuilt home must comply with all zoning requirements, building codes and land use requirements.