Registration for the Build It Back Program is closed. If you would like more information on the process, please visit our Archives.

Build It Back Acquisition, Buyout, Relocation, and Resettlement Incentive Programs

The Build It Back Acquisition and Buyout Program purchases eligible properties that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy and offers options for the relocation of households that occupied Sandy-damaged properties. The goal of the program is to facilitate homeowner recovery by providing assistance to relocate to a new primary residence and to support the redevelopment or protection of the purchased properties in a manner that is safe and appropriate for the community. Properties are purchased with clear title at appraised value, less duplicative storm recovery benefits received from the federal government.

In Fall 2016, NYC Build It Back began offering Residency Resettlement Incentives to applicants to decline a construction pathway, sell their storm-damaged home, and purchase a new home for resettlement. The goal of the incentives is to defray the high cost of purchasing replacement housing in New York City and to encourage resettlement within the City. The offer is only available to homeowners currently in a construction pathway who meet objective cost-effectiveness criteria, including, but not limited to, projects with complex design challenges or unusual site conditions.

Property Management Activities and Property Disposition Planning

Properties acquired through NYC Build It Back are owned and managed by Project Rebuild, Inc., a nonprofit entity established to support the Build It Back Acquisition, Relocation and Buyout Program.

Consistent with federal guidelines, the Program performs a technical assessment to determine whether properties will participate in the Buyout or Acquisition property disposition pathway.
  • Buyout sites are located in areas where development is undesirable or infeasible based on current and future land use patterns. The sites are required to be maintained as open space in perpetuity for the purpose of flood mitigation.
  • Acquisition sites are located in areas that are suitable for redevelopment based on current and future land use patterns and infrastructure. The sites must be redeveloped for a flood-resilient housing use.

The Program is coordinating with Sandy-affected communities to determine the best outcomes for future ownership and maintenance. Currently, the Program is coordinating the demolition of acquired sites as well as securing and maintaining the properties with oversight by the City.

New York State Acquisition for Redevelopment Program (CLOSED)

Previously, through a partnership with NYC Build It Back, the New York State Acquisition for Redevelopment Program offered eligible owners of properties affected by Hurricane Sandy the opportunity to sell their property to New York State. As of October 8, 2015, the State Acquisition for Redevelopment Program is no longer accepting applications.