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Girl Scout Troop 6000

What is Troop 6000?

Troop 6000, launched in 2016 at a single family shelter, is a Girl Scout troop specially designed to serve the thousands of girls living in the New York City Shelter System.

The Girls Scouts, in partnership with the City, the Mayor's Fund and private sector partners, is aiming to greatly expand the work to several new sites around the City. Recognizing the high mobility of these girls and women, participants will be able to attend meetings at any shelter knowing that they are all already part of the same welcoming troop.

The bottom line.

  • Research has shown that Girl Scout alumnae have a stronger sense of self, achieve higher levels of education, and are more likely to reach a higher socio-economic status.
  • Every girl in the five boroughs of New York City deserves a chance to reach her full potential: to have her eyes opened to possibilities for college and careers, to make loving and supportive friends, to learn from caring female mentors, and to chart her own course to achieve her goals. That's what Troop 6000 is all about.
  • Visit Girls Scouts in NYC Shelters for more information and to make a donation.
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