Cool Food

The Cool Food Pledge helps organizations commit to and achieve a science-based target to reduce the climate impact of the food you serve. Organizations serving 3.5 billion meals a year have signed up. Members are guided through a three-step approach: PledgePlan, and Promote.

NYC is the first American city to sign the Cool Food Pledge. We are commited to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food we serve by 25 percent by 2030 – a level of ambition in line with achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Pledge members con´Čüdentially report food purchase amounts by weight each year. Our team asks for data on all animal-based foods, as well as plant proteins, which collectively tend to make up 80-90 percent of an organization’s food-related GHG emissions.

We determine the climate impact of food using the Cool Food Calculator. The analysis is undertaken by World Resources Institute based upon a peer reviewed methodology. Each member receives an annual report showing GHG emissions by food type, trends year-over-year, and comparison.