Proof of satisfaction

Judgment, registration clearance, or vehicle release document

To satisfy your judgment or clear your registration, you must pay your summons in full and have no other judgment summonses outstanding.

If you are not disputing the vehicle’s outstanding tickets, the fastest way to receive your proof of payment is to pay the full amount of tickets in judgment at a Department of Finance business centers. Your vehicle will be released upon payment in full of all outstanding judgment debt and boot and tow fees or, if you enter into a payment plan, the payment plan down payment plus all fees. For more information, view the Towed Vehicles page.

To reclaim your vehicle, you must have a valid registration and driver’s license, as well as a current auto insurance policy. If you need to register a new vehicle or renew a registration with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, we can provide you with a clearance notice once you have paid your judgments in full.

Once you have paid your judgments in full, you can also request from the Department of Finance a satisfaction of judgment notice. This notice will document that you have satisfied your parking judgments. Such a document may be necessary if you wish to conduct certain financial or legal transactions.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles will not register or renew a vehicle registration if you have three or more outstanding tickets or camera violations in judgment within an 18-month period. If you have five or more outstanding parking tickets in judgment within a 12-month period, your registration will be suspended. You cannot obtain or renew a registration until you resolve the tickets, either by paying them, enrolling in a payment plan, or by having them dismissed at a hearing. If you pay in full or enroll in a payment plan online at e-Services, your registration clearance will be automatically transmitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 72 hours.

If you pay your tickets at a Department of Finance business center, you can receive a clearance notice. This notice provides proof to the DMV that your tickets have been resolved. This notice is required for in-person registration or renewal at DMV if your current registration is suspended for outstanding parking tickets in judgment. If you prefer to pay all of your parking tickets that are in judgment online, your suspension will be removed electronically, and you will not need to obtain this form. Visit the Towed Vehicles page for more information.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission does not issue licenses to taxi and limousine drivers who have outstanding parking tickets or camera violations. You must pay your tickets in person in order to receive your taxi and limousine plate clearances.

If you have a few vehicles with outstanding violations and need to obtain more than one taxi and limousine clearance, you must visit a Department of Finance business center or write to:

NYC Department of Finance
Collections Division, Dunning Unit
59 Maiden Lane, 28th Floor
New York, NY 10038