Paper License Plates

Do not be fooled by advertisements for paper plates that promise to help you avoid parking tickets, camera violations, and highway, bridge, and tunnel tolls.

Paper license plates are issued by state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) on a temporary basis when a motorist first purchases a vehicle and is not transferring plates from a previously owned vehicle. Paper license plates are only issued by departments of motor vehicles or their authorized representatives.

Image showing fake paper license plate on car with Sheriff officer placing violation notice on car window


A driver may not obtain a paper license plate from a third party, such as someone selling paper plates on a retail or social media website, and display it instead of their DMV-issued permanent license plate. Displaying an unauthorized paper license plate may subject your vehicle to seizure by the Department of Finance’s Office of the Sheriff. If your vehicle is seized for displaying an illegal paper plate, you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

Vehicles must obey all parking, driving, and toll regulations regardless of the type of license plate displayed.