Evidence Recommendations

When gathering and presenting evidence, consider the following tips:

Photo of an entire street with the Manhattan Bridge in the background
Take pictures of the entire side of the street you were parked on, from end to end.
Photo of a no parking sign
Take pictures (front and back) of all parking signs on the side of the street you were parked on.
A photo of street signs at an intersection of East 40th Street and Fifth Avenue
Make sure your pictures show the street signs, to confirm where you were parked.
A plaque next to a door indicating the address is 30
Make sure the pictures show the property address where you were parked.
A photo of Google maps
Use maps and satellite imagery (such as Google Maps) to corroborate your photos.
A photo of a tree lined street with parked cars marked "Exhibit 1"
Label your photos and documents so that you can reference them in your defense statements.
  • Make sure your photos clearly show what you are trying to argue. Don’t take photos that are deceptive or only tell part of the story.

  • Your photos should be date- and time- stamped.

  • Remember, the ticket issuer’s statement is sworn to and will be given great weight. As such, if you can provide a sworn statement, it would also carry more weight before a judge.

  • Do not send your originals in the mail. Only provide copies and maintain your evidence in case you have to appeal and present them again.

  • Consider keeping a tape measure in your glove box for measuring purposes.

For more details and information, read our brochures on the Dispute a Ticket page.