2017 Information for Software Developers

All participants in the NYC program must comply with the procedures, requirements, and specifications as detailed in IRS Publication 3112: IRS e-File Application and Participation and IRS Publication 4164: Modernized e-File Guide for Software Developers and Transmitters.

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Additional IRS Publications

Letter of Intent to Participate in NYC's Business Tax e-File Program
2017 Letter of Intent

Software Developer’s Guide
Download TY2017 Guide

NYC-Specific Schemas
Download TY2017 Schemas v3.2
Download TY2017 Schemas v3.1

Download TY2017 Schemas v3.0

Download TY2017 Generic and Attached Schedules v1.0

Business Rules
Download TY2017 Business Rules
Download TY2017 Naming Conventions

Error Codes
Error Categories and Messages

Test Packages
2017 GCT Test Package v2.0
2017 UBTP Test Package v1.0
2017 UBTI-SSN Test Package v1.0
2017 UBTI-EIN Test Package v1.0
2017 1127 Test Package v2.0
2017 COR Test Package v.1.0 
2017 COR NYC-2A Test Package v.1.0

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