Statements of Audit Procedures (SAPs) - Hotel Occupancy Tax

The Statements of Audit Procedure (SAPs) are used by Finance audit staff for guidance on various audit-related matters. While not normally distributed outside the agency, they can be useful in understanding the audit process.

Procedure Guidelines to auditors reviewing and analyzing Hotel Tax Returns filed by Room Remarketers. #HTX-2009-01 09/03/09
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Procedure Guidelines for the use of "Contest To Test Period Audit Method" Form in Hotel Occupancy Tax Audits. #HTX-2008-04. 04/03/08
(supersedes #AP-HTX-1)
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Procedure for Hotel Room Occupancy Tax Bed and Breakfast. #HTX-2008-03. 3/14/08
(supersedes #96-3-HOTX)
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Procedure for Treatment of Kitchenettes as Rooms. #HTX-2008-02rev. 6/23/15 (supersedes 93-4-HTX)
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Procedure for Hotel Tax No Shows. #HTX-2008-01. 3/21/08 (supersedes #98-1-HTX)
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Statements of Audit Procedures (SAPs)