Cash Bail Refund Inquiries

The Department of Finance will provide information about a Cash Bail refund only to the Surety, who is the person who posted the Cash Bail, or to another person to whom the Surety has given a signed, notarized statement, giving that person permission to inquire about the Cash Bail refund.

Attorneys: An attorney may inquire about Cash Bail refunds only if the Surety has assigned or transferred the Cash Bail to the attorney.

Other people may request information about a Cash Bail refund by writing to:

NYC Department of Finance
Treasury Division, Court Assets Unit
66 John Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Telephone Inquiries
Call Finance's Bail Unit
Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm
or Email Us.
You will need the following information from your Cash Bail Receipt to inquire about a refund:
  1. The docket number (or indictment number) noted on the Cash Bail receipt;
  2. The defendant's name;
  3. The date the Cash Bail was posted;
  4. The county where the Cash Bail was posted;
  5. The amount of Cash Bail that was posted;

In-Person Inquiries

NYC Department of Finance
Treasury/Court Asset Unit
66 John Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10038
Monday - Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm
You must bring a government issued picture ID, from the following list:
  • A valid New York State driver's license or non-driver's ID with a photo;
  • A passport;
  • A benefits card
  • A municipal ID card
If you do not have any of the above you will need to bring two ID’s from the following list:
  • A Social Security Card;
  • Your voter's registration card;
  • An employment ID;
  • Your utility bill (issued within the last 60 days); and
  • Any ID with your signature, subject to the Cash Bail Unit's discretion.