Parking Final / Adopted Rules

Finance issues rules of general application that interpret the laws that govern City tax administration. When the Department wishes to issue a new rule or amend a previously issued rule, the City Charter requires Finance to offer the proposed rule for public comment.


Adopted Rule Concerning a School Bus Photo Violation Monitoring System to Enforce State Laws Against Passing Stopped School Buses


Adopted rule concerning the enforcement of weight restrictions on a certain portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE)


Adopted amendment to Rule 39-05 (Schedule of Parking Violation Fines) concerning fines for street cleaning parking violations


Adopted amendment to rule concerning the Bus Lane Restriction Program as defined in Rule 39-18.

Adopted amendment to rules to correct certain cross-references concerning certain parking violations as defined in Rule 39-05.

Emergency rule concerns the fine for violations of the Bus Lane Camera Program, which complies with recently enacted amendments to the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Adopted amendment to the rules concerning fines for the misuse and fraudulent use of agency authorized parking permits.


Adopted Amendment to the rules concerning representatives at Parking Violations Bureau (“PVB”) hearings.  

 Adopted Amendment to Rule Relating to Parking Violations to conform to the Department of Transportation's rule on parking signage. 

Adopted Amendment to the rule requiring additional information from a lessor of a vehicle when the company that owns the vehicle enrolls or renews their enrollment in the Parking Violations Bureau Car Rental Program.   

Adopted Amendment to the Rules to Permit Respondents to Present Additional Evidence at an Appeals Hearing Conducted Before the Parking Violations Bureau.
Adopted Amendments to the Rules Authorizing Officers of the Federal Protection Service to issue parking summonses in New York City.

Adopted Amendments to the rules concerning Representatives at Parking Violations Bureau Hearings

 Adopted Amendments to the rules concerning the Parking Violations Bureau Fleet Program and Car Rental Program

Adopted Amendments to the Rules Relating to Parking Violations concerning the Fleet Program


Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations for Commercial Vehicles that are eligible to enroll in Finance's Fleet Program 

Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations permitting brokers at City Administrative Hearings without an attorney present

Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations regarding hearing schedules

Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations regarding obstructing traffic at an intersection and regarding idling an engine 


Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations regarding establishing a fine of $115 for the "blocking the box" violation 

Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations regarding authorization to officers of the Co-op City Department of Public Safety to issue parking tickets

Adopted Rules Relating to Parking Violations regarding schedule of fines 


Archived Parking Final/Adopted Rules


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