The Plan Intake Unit is working diligently to have your revisions reviewed. Due to recent severe staffing reductions, the processing time frame for this unit has been delayed. Please keep in mind that Plan Intake will respond to all parties in the order which they are received. We appreciate your patience.

If this is an emergency, please dial 911.

Please be advised that FAIU will no longer be processing expedited service requests (FA-18).

Due to low staffing levels and excessive workloads, the Bureau of Fire Preventions Fire Alarm Inspection Unit will no longer be processing expedited service requests (FA-18). We will continue our efforts to process all applications in a timely manner while ensuring the highest levels of life safety. Thank you for your patience through these difficult times.

Request or Cancel an Inspection

Effective 9/7/2021 you must now request all Inspections / Building System Tests, and all cancellations for scheduled Inspections / Tests online on FDNY Business. See instructions below to get started.

Access FDNY Business

FDNY Business requires a user account on (NYC.ID).

Getting Started

Learn how to start using FDNY Business:

Inspection Forms

Request a Fire Alarm Inspection, Re-Inspection, Remote Video Inspection or Cancellation:

Effective 09/14/2020 we have consolidated Fire Alarm forms B-45, B-45B and B-45M used to:

  • Schedule an Initial Inspection and/or Continuation of an Inspection
  • Request an Overtime Inspection
  • Request a Remote Video Inspection (as of 12/1/2020)
  • Cancel an Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection requests will no longer be accepted on previous versions of the form. Initial Inspection requests must be completed in-person. See instructions in B-45 for filing details.

Request a Remote Video Inspection (RVI) – re-inspections only

Effective 12/1/2020, Remote Video Inspections (RVI) will be available for the re-inspection of previously issued Notices of Defects in accordance with the Fire Alarm Inspection Unit Bulletin # 11-20-2020. RVI allows inspections to occur using digital video technology, without the need for the inspector to physically be present during the inspection.

How to Perform A Remote Video Inspection

How to conduct Remote Video Inspections (RVI) using digital video technology. (For the re-inspection of previously issued Fire Alarm Notices of Defects)

Submit Certification of Corrected Defects

Effective 12/1/2020, Licensed Professionals (S-89 and S-99 COF Holders) can certify the correction of defects listed on the Notice of Defects without a reinspection.

See 3RCNY §104-04 and Form FA-26 for details and submission instructions:

Submit Documentation to Cure Notices of Defects

Effective 4/12/2021, COF Holders S-88, S-99, R-01, R-02 can email documentation to satisfy Notices of Defects when only paperwork is needed.

§ 104-02 Professional Certification of Fire Alarm System Design and Installation[s]

Effective 5/1/2023, Licensed professionals can request a professional certification of certain fire alarm system designs and installations in lieu of Fire Department plan examination and inspection of such systems. Submissions must be made through the FDNY Business Portal.

See 3 RCNY §104-02 and forms below for details:

Looking to Schedule an On-Site Test?

The FDNY conducts on-site tests to ensure compliance of the New York City Fire Code and Fire Department Rules.

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