Hot Air Balloon Operations

Permit Description

  • Permit to operate a hot air balloon.  

Cost of Permit 

  • $315.00 

Permit Length

  • 30 Days 

Application Requirements 

  • Certificate of Fitness:
    G-34 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas in Hot –Air Balloon


In addition to compliance with the requirements of the New York City Fire Code, New York City Fire Department Rules, other City, State, and Federal rules, regulations, laws, and codes, the issuance of a permit by the New York City Fire Department to conduct a Hot Air Balloon Operation in New York City is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Only the pilot and flight crew are permitted onboard the balloon. 
  2. The Fire Department and the New York City Police Department may temporarily suspend or cancel the hot air balloon operation if conditions exist that endanger public safety.
  3.  Applicant must promptly notify the Bureau of Operations, Public Transportation Safety Unit (PTSU) of the Fire Department at (718) 999-2066 and the Police Department, if for any reason the balloon operation is to be cancelled.
  4. The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) used in the hot air balloon operation must be transported into and out of the City by an authorized vendor with a New York City Fire Department permit.  The storage, handling and use of LPG at the location of the hot air balloon operation shall be under the supervision of a person with a New York City Fire Department Certificate of Fitness.
  5. The storage, handling and use of LPG, including any reserve storage incidental to use, shall not exceed a total of 300 pounds.
  6. LPG containers shall comply with U.S. Department of Transportation specifications for storage of LPG.  LPG containers shall not exceed 100 lbs each, and 300 lbs cumulatively for the entire operation.
  7. The Hot Air Balloon burner and fuel systems must be operated in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight manual and manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. LPG containers shall not be left unattended.  LPG containers shall be removed from the site at the conclusion of each day’s hot air balloon operation, and shall not be left at the site overnight.
  9. Smoking is prohibited on the hot air balloon or within 25 feet of any LPG storage, handling, or use and “No Smoking” signage must be posted in compliance with New York City Fire Code Section 310 (PDF).
  10. There shall be no storage, handling or use of flammable liquids, combustible liquids, or flammable gases within 20 feet of the area approved for hot air balloon operations as set forth in New York City Fire Code Section 1111.3 (PDF).
  11. The hot air balloon shall be provided with a portable fire extinguisher with at least a 10-B:C rating.  The LPG storage area shall be provided with a portable fire extinguisher with at least a 10-B:C rating.
  12. The hose connecting the LPG container to the burner may be non-metallic where flexibility is required for the operation, provided that the length of the hose is as short as practicable and the hose is designed for a working pressure of 350 pounds per square inch.
  13. LPG may be withdrawn and utilized in liquid form if required by the nature of the hot air balloon operation.

To Apply for Permit

Please Have These Documents

  • Proof of Liability and casualty insurance in an amount determined by the Fire Commissioner but not less than two million dollars.  
  • A site map of the area for the heliport landing, heliport landing, helicopter lift, or hot air balloon operations.
  • The aircraft's Airworthiness Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • A pilot's license issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • All relevant permits, authorizations, and/or approvals from other New York City agencies for the aviation operation.  
  • Department of Buildings authorization is required for helicopter lift operations.  
  • An affidavit of the property owner authorizing the aviation operation of his/her property
  • Hot Air Balloon Operation: LPG information/documentation and LPG application/permit fee.

Application Process

The applicant must submit the permit application at least 20 days prior to the proposed helicopter landing, helicopter lift or hot air balloon operations. 

Copies of supporting documentation described in the Prerequisites section above must be submitted along with the request.  Payment of the permit fee, identified below, must be included with the request for the permit.  The applicant may submit the request, the required documents and the permit fee in person or via mail to:
              NYC Fire Department (FDNY)
              District Office Headquarters 
              9 Metro Tech Center, 3rd Floor 
              Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Fire Department will contact the applicant upon acceptance of the application. 

The Public Transportation Safety Unit will confirm the application.  

Additional Information

Applicants must submit the aviation permit application along with all supporting documentation as indicated in the application, which may include: copies of all relevant permits, authorizations and/or approvals from other New York City agencies to conduct the aviation operation; site map; pilot’s license; aircraft’s airworthiness certificate; affidavit of property owner where aviation operation will occur; and proof of insurance.  Please consult the applicable permit application for specific requirements.  In addition, issuance of the aviation operation permit is subject to the Terms and Conditions listed below.
Permit application must be submitted to FDNY Public Transportation Unit  (PTSU) no less than 20 days prior to requested balloon operation date.
For Information Related to this Permit, please contact: 

New York City Fire Department
Public Transportation Safety Unit
9 MetroTech Center, 7S-14B
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel. (718) 999-2066

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