Certificate of Fitness B-29

Supervision of Battery Systems and Other Related Equipment


Starting on 05/31/2022, the FDNY is no longer renewing/updating/re-issuing the B-29 Certificate of Fitness (COF) for Supervision of Battery Systems and Other Related Equipment nor offering the B-29 COF exam. Stationary Energy Storage Systems will be required to obtain an FDNY permit and may need other approvals. For additional information, please consult 2022 FC 608 and Fire Department rule 3 RCNY 608-01.

B-29 COFs will remain valid until the expiration date printed on the card. They will not be renewed upon expiration. However, no B-29 COF holder can supervise the lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.

FDNY has developed a new, updated Certificate of Fitness, the B-28 COF, for Supervision of Stationary Energy Storage Systems. It addresses all duties and responsibilities a COF holder responsible to supervise an outdoor or indoor Stationary Energy Storage System must perform.

Please visit the following website to obtain information regarding the B-28 Certificate of Fitness:

B28 Supervision of Outdoor Stationary Storage Battery Systems

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