In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System Company Approval


FDNY certifies a company to operate and maintain the Auxiliary Radio Communication System in high-rise buildings as required per Section 907.2.13.2 of the 2014 Building Code.

Fire Code Section 511 (PDF) and Rules of the City of New York Rules 511-01 sets forth the requirements for this system. 

Cost of Certification

The original application fee is $105.00. The renewal application fee is $50.00.


To obtain an In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System Company recognition click here.

The completed company application, all pertinent documents, application, radio use fees and Agreement for ARC Systems Company Use of Portable Radios must be mailed to:

Director of Licensing
Bureau of Fire Prevention
Fire Department – City of New York
9 MetroTech Center – Room 1S -1C
Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857

Other Requirements or Special Instructions

After an official review of the company application, the FDNY will mail a letter of approval valid for a one year period. The company must comply with the NYC Building Code, NYC Fire Code and Rules of the City of New York to properly install operate and maintain the In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System within the city.

The FDNY will mail an authorization letter to purchase Fire Department Portable Radios from an approved vendor.

The principal of the In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System must hold a valid B-03 Certificate of Fitness and provide other pertinent documents outlined in the application in order for the company to become approved.

The company must keep insurance records up to date in order to stay on the approved list for In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System.

Renewal Process

A complete company application, all pertinent documents and fees must be submitted for review to renew the company certification. It is highly recommended to submit all required documents for renewal at least four (4) weeks prior to expiration of company’s approval.

Approved Certifications

Need Help?

For Installation and plan approval contact Technology Management at 718-999-2375.

For Certificate of Fitness or Company Certification contact Licensing Unit at 718-999-1988

For Testing of the system contact Fire Alarm Unit at 718-999-5158.

For Annual Inspection of In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System contact District Office Headquarters at 718-999-2457.