Call for Art

The ESCR sponsored community call for art features K-12 students and local artists in NYC. Artwork was judged on its creativity and responsiveness to given artwork themes centered on community and resiliency. The artwork was displayed on fencing within the project site, however due to weather impacts, the panels have been taken down. You can click through the gallery below to view all the panel artwork.

View the DDC Press Release with quotes from the NYC DDC Commissioner, Council Member Rivera and Council Member Powers.

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Grades K–4

Theme: Share something special about your neighborhood and/or community.

    Kids holding up certificates

  1. Amelia Cotler, “Community Unites”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  2. Atharva Gupta, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  3. Augustus Jensen, “The Williamsburg Bridge”, Children's Workshop School, Grade 4
  4. Keanu, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  5. Keira Zoey Isakov, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  6. Kyle Shih, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  7. Lucas H., “Friendship”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  8. Max Fajardo, “The LES”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  9. Maya Ramocki, “The Great Lower East Side”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  10. Olivia Florence Wald, “One Community”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  11. Quiana H., “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  12. Raymond Li, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  13. Sarina Gregoire, “Take in the View”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  14. Sonia Ratushny, “Untitled”, NEST+M, Grade 4
  15. Summer Shih, “LES”, NEST+M, Grade 4

Grades 5-8

Theme: Resilience means the ability to bounce back from environmental threats like hurricanes. Why do we need resilience in NYC?

  1. Dante Levy, “Recycleaners”, Learning Spring School, Grade 8
  2. Idris S., “NYC”, NEST+M, Grade 5
  3. Julia Tang, “One Person Can Make a Difference”, NEST+M, Grade 5
  4. Leiland Olson, “Galactic Cooperation”, NEST+M, Grade 5
  5. Matthew A. Nunez, “Spread the Message”, Learning Spring School, Grade 7
  6. Natalka Roscishewska, “Resilience”, NEST+M, Grade 5
  7. Orson Huggett, “Help Stop the Flood”, Learning Spring School, Grade 7
  8. Romo Lee, “Rising Up Again”, NEST+M, Grade 5
  9. Sophia Anand, “Together”, Saint Stephen of Hungary School, Grade 5
  10. Veronika Duvanova, “Resilience Starts With Us”, PS 255, Salk School of Science, Grade 8
  11. Zoelle Catherine Luk, “All Hands In”, NEST+M, Grade 5

Grades 9–12

Theme: What is your vision of NYC as a resilient city? [or] How can NYC adapt to climate change and rising seas?

  1. Abby Lehmann, “The New York Fishbowl”, Winston Preparatory School, Grade 12
  2. Angelie, “Organically Artful”, East Side Community School, Grade 11
  3. Daone Choi, “A New York Street Full of Hearts”, Idyllwild Arts, Grade 10
  4. Iggy Roque, “Flowers of NYC - Mountain Witch Alder”, East Side Community School, Grade 11
  5. Jacob Flores, “Resilient City”, New Utrecht High School, Grade 10
  6. Kimberly Wu, “NYC vs COVID-19”, New Utrecht High School, Grade 12
  7. Kunyu Liang, “Mask”, New Utrecht High School, Grade 12

Local Artists

Theme: What is your vision of NYC as a resilient city? [or] How can NYC adapt to climate change and rising seas?

  1. Andrea Aimi & Third Grade Artists from Friends Seminary, “Quilt Bridges”
  2. Billy the Artist, “New York Celebration”
  3. Carlos Wilfredo Encarnación, “Nest”
  4. Keryn Huang, “Underwater Seagrass As Coastal Protection”. Artist website.
  5. Roberto Torres, “Farmin Gardens”
  6. Silvio DelaCruz Molina, “UNIDAD”
  7. Willie Jimenez, “Kids of NYC”

The Call for Art Selection Committee included representatives of the Abrons Art Center, Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES), FABnyc, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), LEAP NYC, and representatives of Community Boards 3 and 6. 

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