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Join us in creating a fairer, more equitable New York City

MOE staffers Dabash Negash, Ronald Porcelli, and Aura Jimenez enjoying Harlem Pride

The NYC Mayor's Office of Equity & Racial Justice (MOERJ) is the city government's centralized equity office. This new office will continue the innovative work of the NYC Mayor's Office of Equity (MOE) – which includes the NYC Young Men's Initiative, the NYC Unity Project, and the NYC Commission on Gender Equity, as well as multi-agency bodies like the NYC Pay Equity Cabinet, and the NYC Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity – and lead implementation of these groundbreaking racial justice amendments to our city charter.

MOERJ's staff of analysts and experts develop innovative programs, policies, initiatives, campaigns, and resources designed to measurably reduce disparities and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, & accessibility (DEI&A). As a critical part of the city's efforts to build a stronger and healthier city, MOERJ works across city agencies and external partners to effect meaningful change. Every MOERJ staffer plays an integral role in our unrelenting commitment to equity and racial justice.

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