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Special DSNY guest shares insight on how the City prepares for and responds to winter weather


January 3, 2018 – Oh no, say it ain’t snow! In the latest “Prep Talk” episode, hosts Omar Bourne and Allison Pennisi sit down with Chief Edward Grayson, Director of the Bureau of Cleaning and Collection at the Department of Sanitation (DSNY), to discuss snow removal in the city. Chief Grayson walks listeners through how DSNY prepares the city for a snow event, and provides a behind-the-scenes look into the plans and procedures that take place before the first snowflake. Find out why snow removal is a year-round endeavor, and hear what New Yorkers can do to help the city during a snow event. Click to listen to episode 4 on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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Chief Edward Grayson is the ranking uniformed four-star Chief at DSNY and serves as the Director of the Bureau of Cleaning and Collection. Chief Grayson oversees the City’s cleaning, collection and snow removal operations, servicing 25,000 public litter baskets, collection of over 12,000 tons of the City’s daily refuse and recyclables, and the salting and plowing of over 6300 linear roadway miles in NYC.


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