Interagency Coordinating Council on Youth

Interagency Coordinating Council - Charter


NYC Charter § 735 et seq. (2001)

§ 735 Interagency Coordinating Council.

a. There shall be an interagency coordinating council established by the mayor which shall consist of representatives of each city agency providing services to youth, representatives from the youth board established pursuant to section seven hundred thirty-four of this chapter and a representative of the city council who shall be appointed by the speaker of the city council. The mayor, or his or her designee, shall serve as chairperson of the interagency coordinating council and shall preside over all meetings. The commissioner shall serve as director of the interagency coordinating council.

b. The interagency coordinating council shall:

    1. prepare and include in the report required by paragraph ten of this subdivision an annual breakdown for the immediately preceding fiscal year of each member agency's allocations for services to youth and the number of youth served;
    2. recommend, in consultation with the office of operations, means for improving member agencies' delivery, management and supervision of services to youth;
    3. recommend means by which the duplication and fragmentation of service delivery to youth may be reduced and the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of service delivery may be enhanced;
    4. consider proposals from member agencies, the city council and the youth board for the improvement of service delivery to youth;
    5. recommend to the mayor joint agency projects or programs which could make more efficient use of existing resources;
    6. plan and develop a comprehensive information serve for the benefit of youth, their families, service providers and school and government personnel, which shall include citywide, boroughwide and community board program directories, hotlines and other such services designed to facilitate public accessibility to such information;
    7. conduct an annual comprehensive youth services needs assessment on a citywide, boroughwide and community district basis;
    8. formulate an integrated, comprehensive plan for the delivery of community-based services to youth;
    9. compile, collect and develop periodically, and make available, information and data relating to youth and youth services in New York city; and
    10. issue an annual report, on October of each year, to the city council and the mayor summarizing its activity during the previous fiscal year and detailing recommendations for improving service delivery and coordination, reducing duplication and fragmentation and facilitating the more efficient use of existing resources. Such report shall also include an annual breakdown of member agencies' allocations for services to youth and the number of youth served as prescribed in paragraph one of this subdivision, an annual comprehensive youth services needs assessment as prescribed in paragraph seven of this subdivision, as prescribed in this section and a two-year proposed agenda consisting of specific issues that the interagency coordinating council plans to address during the current and subsequent fiscal years.

c. The interagency coordinating council shall meet at least quarterly and shall hold at least one public hearing annually, at which public testimony shall be taken.