Cable Report Cards

Annual Cable Consumer Report Card for 2017

(1) Customer Service Performance Information

Phone Response
Altice Optimum Charter Spectrum Verizon FiOS Explanation
(a) Percentage of calls answered by voice response units ("VRU") 99.90% 100.00% 100% (VRU) Voice Response Unit. Also referred to as IVR (Interactive Voice Response Unit). A device which automates retrieval and processing of information by phone using touch tone signaling or voice recognition to access information residing on a computer to give a response.  The response may be given by a recorded human voice or a synthesized (computerized) voice. 
(b) Percentage of Calls abandoned by VRU 2.76% 2.30% 6.8% An abandoned call is a call or other type of contact initiated to a call center that is ended before any conversation occurs. When inbound calls are abandoned, it is often because the caller is frustrated with the time on hold. When outbound calls are abandoned, it is usually because the call is disconnected by the automated dialer or automatic call distributor (ACD) when a live contact has been made but no agent was available to take the call. A predictive dialer can eliminate the problem of abandoned outbound calls.
(c) Percentage of busy Calls by VRU 0.10% 0.00% 0.00% The number of calls offered to agents that received a busy message divided by the total number of calls offered to agents, reported as a percentage. The busy time percentage should be less than 3 %.

(2) Subscriber Rights and Remedies

Consumer Options
Altice Optimum Charter Spectrum Verizon FiOS
Customer Service Tel. Number 718-860-3513 855-70-SPECTRUM (1-855-707-7328) 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)
DoITT Contact Information

Telephone: 212-New York or 311
Mail: DoITT Consumer Service Department - Cable TV,  2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202

Telephone: 212-New York or 311
Mail: DoITT Consumer Service Department - Cable TV,  2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202
Telephone: 212-New York or 311
Mail: DoITT Consumer Service Department - Cable TV,  2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202
Credit Policy If you have a cable-related outage that lasts for more than four (4) consecutive hours, you will receive full credit for the time lost provided you call or write us within 30 days of the outage. In the event of a cable-related service disruption, you may be entitled to a service credit. If you experience an outage of 4 or more hours, you will receive a 1 day credit for all lines effected. Service credit based on exact dates and resolutions in work order history. In the event of a Fios TV service outage or service interruption, you may be entitled to a service credit, typically calculated as a pro-rated amount of your current monthly bill. In most instances, you must promptly report the outage to us in order to qualify for this credit.
Privacy Notice Will comply with the provisions of 47 U.S.C  551 and other applicable laws.  Will comply with the provisions of 47 U.S.C 551 and other applicable law. A copy of Charter’s Privacy Policy can be found at Verizon will treat your personally identifiable information provided to us in accordance with our current Privacy Policy applicable to Fios TV Services, which is subject to change.  A copy of the Privacy Policy applicable to Fios TV Services is available at
Billing Dispute Resolution Will comply with the provisions of Appendix A Part 1 Section 4.4 Procedure for the Resolution of Billing Disputes in current franchise agreement. See Section 4.4 in NYC/TWC franchise procedure for resolution of billing disputes. Will comply with the provisions of Section 4.4 of Appendix A to the NYC/VZ Franchise governing the Procedure for the Resolution of Billing Disputes.
Payment Information Internet:
By visiting and placing your cursor on Pay Bill, customers can view current billing statement plus 12 previous billing statements and/or pay  bills online at no additional charge;

Direct Payment: Sign up for Direct Payment, which authorizes Optimum to automatically deduct the amount of your monthly bill from your bank account on the payment due date of each month. There is no additional charge, and you will continue to receive a monthly statement through the mail.

Optimum Support App: To download the free Optimum Support App for either your iPhone Apple or Android Device please visit the iTunes store or Google Play.

By Phone: To use our Automated Phone System dial toll free, 1-866-213-7456 and follow the phone prompts to make an automated payment by check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover Network) at no additional charge.

In Person: Pay at any Optimum Store location by cash, check, money order or credit card.
Pay by various payment options at any Payment Center.

By Mail: PO Box 371378
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7378

You can pay your bill through a variety of options, including online through My Account or the My TWC® App, in person, by phone, by mail or via live chat on a computer.

Pay Online - Sign up at Have your account number and security code ready, found on the top of this page.

Pay by Phone - Make a credit card payment free of charge using our automated payment option at 1-866-899-7737; simply say “pay my bill”. Use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.

By Mail: Customers mailing their payments (using check or money order) should mail the payments to the address listed on their bill statement.

To pay in person, find payment locations at

You have several options for paying your bill, including:

•   Using the My Fios App
•  Logging into your account at
•  Mailing a check
•  For other options, visit Verizon's Account and Billing page at

(3) Price of Service Information

RatesAltice Optimum Charter Spectrum Verizon FiOS
Basic Service Charge, Next Level Tier, Pay Services and Equipment charge

Basic Service - $19.99
Optimum Value - $64.95
Optimum Preferred - $74.95
Optimum Silver - $89.95        
Optimum Gold - $109.95
Premium Channels - $11.95 to $14.99
Set Top Box & Remote - $10.00
HD Channels - No Extra Charge
Parental Controls - No Extra Charge

Spectrum TV Basic $23.89 Spectrum TV Select $64.99 (includes Spectrum TV Basic)
Spectrum TV Silver $84.99
(includes Spectrum TV Select, Digi Tier 1, HBO, Cinemax and Showtime)
Spectrum TV Gold $104.99
(includes Spectrum TV Silver, Digi Tier 2, TMC, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, and EPIX)
Latino $7.99
Mi Plan Latino $44.99
Spectrum Receiver/Remote (per outlet) $5.99 Secure Connection (per receiver/CableCARD) $1.00 CableCARD (each) $2.00
***All products and services are subject to change, please visit the Charter- Spectrum website for current rates and charges.
Fios® TV Local – $12.99
Custom TV Kids & Pop – $64.99
Custom TV Sports & News – $64.99
Custom TV Action & Entertainment – $64.99
Custom TV News & Variety – $64.99
Custom TV Lifestyle & Reality – $64.99
Custom TV Infotainment & Drama  – $64.99
Custom TV Home & Family – $64.99
Fios TV Preferred HD – $74.99
Fios TV Extreme HD – $79.99
Fios TV Ultimate HD – $89.99
Fios TV Mundo Total – $54.99
Fios TV Mundo – $49.99

CableCARD – $5.00
Digital Adapter – $8.00
HD Set-Top Box – $12.00
Fios Wireless Router – $10.00

DVR Service – $12.00
Multi-Room DVR Service – $15.00
Multi-Room DVR Enhanced Service – $20.00
Multi-Room DVR Premium Service – $30.00

Rates shown are for new subscribers only and vary based on package and payment options; rates for existing subscribers may also vary based on subscriber tenure.  Rates do not include taxes, fees, franchise fees and other charges paid to federal, state and local governments or other applicable fees.  Pricing applies to residential use only and is subject to change.  Taxes, franchise fees and other terms apply.  A Regional Sports Network Fee of up to $6.39 applies monthly to Custom TV (with Sports & News, News & Variety or Home & Family), Fios TV Preferred HD, Fios TV Extreme HD, Fios TV Ultimate HD and Fios TV Mundo Total packages.  A Broadcast Fee of $3.49 applies monthly to all Fios TV packages.  Please visit for additional pricing information.
For Channel Information, additional charges and/or bundled service pricing, please go to the provider website.

(4) Content/Channel Changes and Improvement Information

ChangesAltice Optimum Charter Spectrum Verizon FiOS
Changes and Improvements this year Among Altice's video product enhancements footprint wide in 2017 were the launch of Altice One, an all-in-one connectivity platform which includes seamless access to Netflix content as well as other interactive features. Additionally, the following programming additions were  made to certain tiers: I24 News, Sony Movie Channel, MGM HD, Hallmark Drama and The Cowboy Channel. 
Spectrum is proud to continually offer new products and services which provide a variety of improvements like improved picture quality, access to more HD channels, additional VOD options, etc.
The following networks were among those launched in 2017: Crossings TV SD & HD, ESPN College Extra, i24 News throughout New York, News 12 HD, Olympics Network, and more.
Verizon's video product enhancements in 2017 included the launch of a modern user interface for its video on demand store front featuring a more intuitive experience that promotes better navigation and fosters search and discovery for the customer, the launch of the Common Sense feature providing more user friendly/child-focused ratings to help promote more family-friendly viewing, and the integration of Netflix into its Fios TV platform to allow customers with Multi-Room DVR Enhanced or Premium Service to seamlessly access Netflix via Verizon's interactive media guide.  Verizon also added the following programming in 2017 -- HUSTLER HD (CH 1005), BEAUTY IQ HD (CH 656), REELZ HD (CH 692), BABYFIRST HD (CH 765), AMERICAN SPORTS NETWORK HD (CH 820), NBA LEAGUE PASS/MLS DIRECT KICK 6 HD (CH 1455), NBA LEAGUE PASS/MLS DIRECT KICK 7 HD (CH 1456), NBA LEAGUE PASS/MLS DIRECT KICK 8 HD (CH 1457), NBA LEAGUE PASS/MLS DIRECT KICK 9 HD (CH 1458),NBA LEAGUE PASS/MLS DIRECT KICK 10 HD (CH 1459), INSP HD (CH 786), OLYMPIC CHANNEL (CH 91), OLYMPIC CHANNEL HD (CH 591), MLB EXTRA INNINGS/NHL CENTER ICE HD 10 (CH 1470), MLB EXTRA INNINGS/NHL CENTER ICE HD 11 (CH 1471), MLB EXTRA INNINGS/NHL CENTER ICE HD 12 (CH 1472), MLB EXTRA INNINGS/NHL CENTER ICE HD 13 (CH 1473), MLB EXTRA INNINGS/NHL CENTER ICE HD 14 (CH 1474), THE SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK HD (CH 797), TBN TRINITY HD (CH 795), JEWISH BROADCASTING SERVICE HD (CH 798), LIFEHACK (CH 173), LIFEHAK2 (CH 174), LIFEHAK3 (CH 175), LIFEHAK4 (CH 176), WASA ESTRELLA HD (CH 508), WZME SONLIFE (CH 19), WWOR HEROES & ICONS (CH 488), WRNN TV HD (CH 506), WMBC TV HD (CH 518), WZME CNC WORLD (CH 496).
Future Changes and Improvements To be announced To be announced To Be Announced

(5) Significant Outage Information

Outage InfoAltice Optimum Charter Spectrum Verizon FiOS
(a) Summary of catagories by Hub/Node/VSO (Nodes are typically a few hundred residences. Hubs are usually many nodes within a franchise area. VSO is a FiOS term representing an area usually within a franchise.) During 2017, Altice continued to utilize multiple proactive detection tools to more quickly identify and respond to outages across Altice’s coverage area within the New York City region. In 2017 there was a 12% decrease in the total number of outages as compared to 2016. This was largely attributable to proactive plant maintenance and improved detection of outages related to power utilities.  Additional categories of significant outages include equipment failure, damage to cable, alignment, and fiber cuts.   Significant outages are defined as those impacting 20 or more customers per node. During 2017, Spectrum experienced an increase in the total number of outages as compared to 2016. This was attributable to increases in the categories outlined below: cut/damaged fiber outages, hardware failures, and commercial power failures. There are 66 VSOs which serve the 5 New York City boroughs. For 2017 Verizon Fios experienced 122 significant outages.

- 72 resulted from fiber cuts for an average duration of 1,135 minutes.

- 50 were plant related:
- 25 equipment upgrades/maintenance initiated by Verizon to improve network reliability with an average duration of 129 minutes
- 25 were the result of unexpected equipment defects with an average duration of 141 minutes

- 0 were power issues
(b) Percentage of catagories of significant outage Equipment Failure 42.63%
Damage (Cable) 32.94%
Alignment 21.23 %
Fiber Cut 2.83%
NTF/Power 0.82%.
Cut\Damaged Fiber = 7.39% of total significant outage hours.
Commercial power failures = 30.44% of total significant outage hours Hardware Failure = 62.16% of total significant outage hours.
Significant outage breakdown 

- 72 fiber cuts which averaged 234 subscribers for 1,135 minutes accounting for 43% of the subscriber outage minutes

- 50 plant outages -
- 25 equipment upgrades initiated by Verizon to improve reliability with an average of  6,350 subscribers for 129 minutes per outage which accounted for 47% of the total of the subscriber outage minutes
- 25 equipment replacements with an average of 1,247 subscribers for 141 minutes per outage which accounted for 10% of the total of the subscriber outage minutes

- 0 power issues
(C) Remedies performed by franchisee for each category of significant outage Improvements in automation and monitoring technology resulted in less outages in all categories than the previous year.  In addition, continually decreasing homes per node has increased plant reliability in all categories.  Hardware Failure: Equipment was repaired or replaced.
Cut/Damaged Fiber: Fiber was spliced and\or replaced.
Commercial Power Failure: Issues were resolved by Con Ed or PSEG, depending on service location.
Fiber cuts/damaged fibers -
- Verizon replaced or repaired fiber as necessary to restore service.

Plant related outages -
- Verizon scheduled equipment upgrades during the off-peak hours between 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. to improve reliability.
- When necessary Verizon replaced defective equipment.