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Inspector General for the NYPD

Local Law 70

In addition to the responsibilities of all DOI Inspectors General, Local Law 70 requires additional oversight and reporting. Enacted in 2013 in response to the NYPD’s then widely cited over use of certain tactics that adversely affected police-community relations, the Law mandated the DOI Commissioner to establish oversight of NYPD. As part of that mandate, DOI created the OIG-NYPD in 2014. The law directs the Commissioner of the Department of Investigation "to investigate, review, study, audit and make recommendations relating to the operations, policies, programs and practices, including ongoing partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, of the New York City Police Department, with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of the department, increasing public safety, protecting civil liberties and civil rights and increasing the public’s confidence in the police force, thus building stronger police-community relations."