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Schools, child care centers, camps may now sign up for Online Registry Read-Only access to view immunization records reported by the student's health care provider(s) to the CIR. You must first register your site online and complete the online Site Security Administrator (SSA) designations, and agree to Confidentiality Statement and Acceptable Use Protocol.

You can register your facility online. Please view the instruction guide for Non-immunizing Providers (PDF).

Update your facility's registration information using the CIR Facility Manager, then navigate to the CIR Facility Lookup tab. Do not re-register.

If you think you may be registered and have forgotten your facility code, enter your information by logging in to the Facility Manager and then navigate to the CIR Facility Lookup tab. Do not re-register.

Please have the principal/director/owner of the school designate a Security Administrator (User Manager).

The Site Security Administrator (User Manager) can set up Online Registry accounts for additional staff members from inside the Online Registry in the Settings, Manage Users screen. The User Manager must have each additional user read and sign a User Confidentiality Statement (PDF) for Online Access and Acceptable Use Protocol and keep those on file at the site.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers free training for all health care providers on how to gain online access to the Registry. To arrange for training at your office, contact or call (347) 396-2400.

For Online Registry Users with Existing Accounts

Starting on October 3, 2023, the Online Registry log-in screen will be replaced with the CIR Authentication Server log-in screen. The CIR Authentication Server Online Registry log-in screen will prompt you to create a single sign-on account to access the CIR Online Registry application. The account will be tied to your individual work email address and a new password that you will create. It is best to update your facility’s information in the Facility Manager application and navigate to the CIR Facility Lookup tab, if you have not done so this year. Continue to access the Online Registry by bookmarking, and click on the Online Registry Go icon. For instructions, view:

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