CIR: Online Registry Access and Reporting

You may use the Online Registry to report immunizations, view the immunization status and lead test histories of your patients, generate Health Examination Forms (CH205), produce recall/reminder letters, order vaccines for children if you participate in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, and use other Online Registry features, if you are registered with us. If you are already registered with the CIR and would like to access and/or report immunizations and/or lead test results on individual patients online, please sign up for Online Registry access. Please contact us for more information at (347) 396-2400.

Online Registry instruction guides:

Features of the Online Registry you may use to help you save time:

Pre-completed Forms:

Generate and print or fax official records and forms pre-populated with patient demographic information, immunization history, and practice contact information:

The immunizations displayed on the pre-completed forms include only events which are considered valid according to the New York City Childhood Immunization Schedule. The highlighted areas on the form are editable from your desktop.

Doses Administered Reports:

Generate summary reports on immunizations reported from your practice to the CIR for your VFC and non-VFC eligible patients.

Practice Coverage Rates and Recall/Reminder Functions:

Find out your practice’s immunization coverage rates according to the CIR and produce recall and/or reminder lists or produce letters and address labels.

Report Adverse Events:

Adverse events must be reported on-line via the national the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) website. The Online Registry is no longer being used to submit an adverse event report after December 2017.

Vaccine Ordering (VFC participants only)

Use the Online Registry Vaccine Ordering Tool to order VFC vaccines.  View the full instruction guide (PDF) or quick guide (PDF) and FAQs (PDF).

Report Adult Influenza Immunizations

For adults, ages 19 years and above, adult immunizations may be reported via the Online Registry to the CIR with voluntary consent (PDF)
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To request Online Access to the CIR, complete the appropriate forms.