Images of life on the East Harlem Community Walking Trail, including graffiti and people walking

East Harlem Community Walking Trail

The East Harlem Community Walking Trail (PDF) is a 3.5 mile pathway that runs along 106th and 115th Streets, connecting residents to Central Park and Randall’s Island. The goal of the trail is to highlight East Harlem’s rich history and assets. The trail can also promote physical activity and safety through coordinated group walks and community programs.

The Harlem Neighborhood Health Action Center worked with a steering committee of community stakeholders for over a year to create the trail. This committee also serves as a forum for residents to collaborate, share information and set goals and priorities for the walking trail.

If you are interested in getting involved with the East Harlem Community Walking Trail, email, call 646-682-2100 or visit the East Harlem Neighborhood Health Action Center.

Block by Block Report

The Health Department’s “Block by Block: Walking for a Healthier East Harlem” (PDF) report looks at walking in East Harlem. It highlights how often community members walk, the current walking landscape and ways to improve walking conditions within the neighborhood. It is based on a survey of over 200 East Harlem residents and street assessments of more than 20 blocks.

The report investigated what residents perceive as barriers to walking and how we can work together to improve walking conditions. It found:

  • Most residents surveyed walk in East Harlem for at least 10 minutes a day and want to continue doing so.
  • The neighborhood has many existing resources that promote walking, including public art, trees and parks, but more can be done to make walking more appealing in East Harlem.
  • Residents are concerned about safety and want better lighting on East Harlem’s streets.
  • Residents consider the cleanliness and condition of the sidewalks in East Harlem to be a high priority.
  • Many residents avoid walking under the Park Avenue Viaduct, the main way to cross Park Avenue in East Harlem. Residents said they are worried about safety, traffic, lighting and the condition of the viaduct.
  • Residents like the East Harlem Community Walking Trail and view it as a way to get exercise and connect to the neighborhood and to each other.

How You Can Help

Learn what actions you can take to promote health and improve walking conditions in East Harlem, if you are a:

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