Drinking Water Tank Inspection Results

The New York City Health Code requires that drinking water storage tanks be inspected annually by building owners and that the inspection results be reported to the Health Department. Building owners report inspection findings by completing a questionnaire provided by the Health Department. Failure to conduct a drinking water tank inspection or file a report annually is a violation of the law.

Below you can search a building owner’s inspection findings by entering either the Department of Building’s Building Identification Number (BIN) or the building’s street address. You can find a BIN for a specific building online.

If you are a water tank owner, learn more about Water Tank Inspection Requirements and how to file an inspection report online.

You can make a drinking water complaint online or by calling 311.

To search by BIN, enter BIN below:

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Note: These data have been provided by building owners and or their authorized agents. The Health Department can make no claim regarding the validity, reliability or completeness of the data content.