Health Department Update on Person Diagnosed with Presumed Monkeypox in New York City

May 26, 2022 — The Health Department has identified one New Yorker who has been presumptively diagnosed with monkeypox. While CDC tests did not conclusively identify the monkeypox virus, earlier tests detected orthopoxvirus. The monkeypox virus is an orthopoxvirus, and the presentation of this case was consistent with disease caused by monkeypox. This will be treated as a probable case and the Health Department will continue contact tracing.

The investigation was initiated following a report from an astute provider. The Health Department continues to work with health care providers to investigate other reports, and it is possible additional cases of monkeypox may be identified.

Most New Yorkers are not at risk of infection with monkeypox. Monkeypox is rare but can spread through close prolonged contact with an infected person or animal. This might include contact with the skin lesions, body fluids, or sharing clothes or other materials that have been used by someone who is infectious, and also through respiratory droplets in prolonged face-to-face contact.

As a precaution, any New Yorkers who experience flu-like illness with swelling of lymph nodes and rash occurring on the face and body should contact their healthcare provider.

For information about monkeypox, see CDC: Monkeypox.