DOC Summer 2022 Heat Action Plan


Staff in every housing area monitor people in custody for signs of heat-related illness. Additionally, CHS is available 24 / 7 to care for any persons who experiencing heat-related symptoms or who wish to clarify their heat sensitivity status.

The Department monitors temperatures inside the medical, mental health, air-conditioned housing area, and restricted housing areas daily. Temperature reports are submitted to the facility Tour Commander, Warden, and the Assistant Commissioner for Environmental Health.

  • When ambient temperatures exceed 80 degrees in air-conditioned areas, two hour temperature monitoring is initiated, maintenance responds to repair the air conditioning, and heat sensitive individuals are temporarily relocated to an areas that is below 80 degrees F.
  • In non-air-conditioned areas at least two fans are provided, and ice is delivered between 12:00pm and 4:00pm on all days when the outside temperatures reach 85 degrees F.
  • All individuals are encouraged to take additional rest periods and take cool showers to mitigate any high heat conditions.
  • One shower station per housing area is designated as a cool shower station to encourage individuals to take cool showers.