Social Distancing

Social Distancing Guidelines for Staff and People in Custody

  • Measures to promote social distancing within facilities: DOC rolled out enhanced social distancing guidance to all its facilities, which will encourage limits to the number of people in custody who have access to dayrooms, bathrooms, and shower areas at any given time.

    • DOC has painted social distancing cues on chairs and benches in dayroom and intake areas in order to help individuals understand and maintain safe distance from one another in communal spaces.

    • To increase awareness of these efforts, the Department put up posters that describe the enhanced social distancing guidelines across all facilities. Officers have also been provided additional information on these measures so that they may communicate directly with people in custody about their public health purpose.

  • DOC has reduced the capacity of dorm units: At the height of the pandemic, a majority of the dormitory housing areas were below 50% capacity and close to half of all housing areas department wide were also operating at or below 50% capacity, affording people the opportunity to more easily practice social distancing precautions. Where possible in dormitory housing units, DOC is ensuring there is an empty bed in between people in custody. Guidance has also been given to individuals to refrain from sitting on other people's beds.
  • Telework and staggered schedules: DOC has implemented telework and staggered schedules for non-uniform employees with ability to follow these measures, in keeping with the Mayor's and Governor's order for all non-essential employees.

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