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Adult Families

Adult mother and daughter

What constitutes an adult family?

The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) considers an adult family to be any family without minor children, including the following household compositions:

  • Applicants who are a legally married couple and present a valid original marriage certificate; or
  • Applicants who are a domestic partners couple and present a valid original domestic partnership certificate; or
  • Adults who provide, as part of their application for Temporary Housing Assistance, proof establishing the medical dependence of one applicant upon another;
  • Two or more adults who can provide birth certificates to prove a parent and child or sibling family relationship or share a "caretaking" (emotionally or physically supportive) relationship, including:
    • aunt or uncle to niece or nephew
    • grandparent to grandchild
    • parent to child or stepchild
    • siblings
Clients must be able to verify that their household constitutes a family as defined above and can demonstrate that they have resided with one another for 180 days within the year immediately prior to the date of their application.

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