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Introduction to the LINC I, II, and III Rental Assistance Program

The Living in Communities (LINC) Rental Assistance programs were created to help move families out of shelter and into stable housing. Below please find a brief introduction of each of the six programs.

  • LINC I will assist families in shelter who are working full-time but are unable to afford stable housing on their own to relocate from the City shelter system.
  • LINC II will assist families in shelter who are identified within vulnerable populations and who need additional assistance and supports to relocate from the City shelter system and become securely housed in the community.
  • LINC III will provide rental assistance for families recently affected by domestic violence to relocate them from the City shelter system – these families will be selected from both HRA domestic violence shelters and families in DHS shelters who HRA has certified as survivors of domestic violence.

LINC rental documents include fact sheets for brokers/landlords and clients, rental packet forms, and a comprehensive collection of leasing forms for tenants and landlords.

Living in Communities (LINC) Rental Documents

LINC Information for Clients

LINC Rental Packet

LINC Leasing Forms

Program Participant Agreements

Download the Desk Guide of Housing Resources for Families in Shelter