Language Access

Mayor de Blasio's Administration is committed to ensuring that New Yorkers who have limited English proficiency (LEP) are able to access information, programs, and services offered by NYC government.

The City is governed by different language access laws. Local Law 30 of 2017 (LL30) is one of these laws. LL30 is one of the strongest laws in the country and requires that covered city agencies appoint a language access coordinator, develop language access implementation plans, provide telephonic interpretation in at least 100 languages, translate their most commonly distributed documents into the 10 designated citywide languages, and post signage about the availability of free interpretation services, among other requirements.

For more information about language access, go to the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs' language access page.


The Mayor's Office's Language Access Coordinator:

Kenneth Lo

Deputy Director, Language Access

Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs

253 Broadway, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10007

(212) 346-6047


Mayor's Office Language Access Implementation Plan:

Local Law 30 requires covered agencies to publish language access implementation plans on their websites. The Mayor’s Office Language Access Implementation Plan includes all covered mayoral offices under Local Law 30 and is coordinated by MOIA.

View the Mayor's Office Language Access Implementation Plan (2020)


Disability Access and Disability Service Facilitators

As a result of New York City Local Law 27 of 2016, city agencies are required to appoint a Disability Service Facilitator. The Disability Service Facilitator shall coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under the ADA and other federal, state and local laws and regulations concerning accessibility for persons with disabilities. These individuals are liaisons to New Yorkers with disabilities, connecting people with disabilities to city government.


For any unit with the Mayor's Office please contact:


New York City Mayor's Office (DSF)

Noel Haight

100 Gold Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10038

Voice Phone: 212-788-2548

Video Phone: 646-396-5830

New York Relay users dial 711

Email the Mayor's Office DSF, Noel Haight


Know Your Rights

Find out more about disability rights and learn about the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities' Notice and Grievance Procedure