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DDC STEAM SCREENS Film “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” at New Vocational High School in Loiza, Puerto Rico.

August 24, 2018

On Friday, August, 24th, Deputy Commissioner for Community Partnerships, and STEAM Initiatives Lee Llambelis visited the New Vocational High School in Loiza, Puerto Rico to give a presentation to students on STEAM Educational opportunities. She also screened the documentary film ‘Dream Big: Engineering Our World,’ a movie about engineers and how they will shape our world in the future, designed to inspire young people to consider careers in engineering.  The viewing of this documentary was made possible by MacGillivray Freeman Films in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers.  This new education version of the film has been dubbed into Spanish for use in Puerto Rico and in US dual language programs. ‘Dream Big’ celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.
“STEAM careers are the jobs of the future and our children need to be prepared if they are to succeed and compete in the 21st century global economy,” said Lee Llambelis, DDC Deputy Commissioner for Community Partnerships and STEAM Initiatives. “A film like ‘Dream Big’ which is captivating makes these careers real and accessible. ‘Dream Big’ and the educational materials created for it help to grab young people’s attention and make them enthusiastic about what they can accomplish as future engineers and built environment professionals. Engineering is at a crossroads during exciting times. Engineers must respond to the changing needs of an increasingly globally-connected and diverse population. It is critically important that our young people develop a strong academic foundation to address daring challenges to better the human condition.”
“We are thankful to MacGillivray Freeman Films and to the NYC Department of Design and Construction for making the screening of Dream Big for Engineering: Engineering Our World possible at the New Vocation High School of Loiza. Our students had an opportunity to travel the world and go from Haiti, to Turkey and visit the Great Wall of China. In the process, they learned about earthquake proof engineering, how the raising of a new footbridge can lead to both safety and opportunities and they got to see students like themselves dream big by creating underwater robots and solar cars that demonstrate the importance of renewable energy.  It is especially important for our students, many of whom were directly impacted by Hurricane Maria and lived through the aftermath of the hurricane’s devastation. Loiza, Puerto Rico lost many homes and many structures were severely damaged. Because of this our students have an understanding that they have an opportunity to play an important role in the rebuilding of their community,” stated Prof Mayra Santos- Febres.