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November 16, 2017

DDC Young Engineers Program Visits Center for Architecture

On Thursday November 16, 2017 students enrolled in the DDC’s Young Engineers Program at Brooklyn IS 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro visited the Center for Architecture to participate in a Green Technology model building workshop.

The Center for Architecture shares a home with the AIA New York Chapter and annually hosts over 1,000 programs that cover topics related to architecture, planning, and design. Conferences, symposia, lectures, film screenings, and tours provide a variety of opportunities to a wide audience of New Yorkers of all professions and ages.

During the workshop students learned about a variety of sustainable design techniques used to create environmentally friendly buildings. Working with a modified version of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) checklist, students created a model of their own public building. This activity challenged students to think about the importance of site planning, energy efficiency, material conservation, and renewable resources.

This semester our middle school students learned about the built environment using a new curriculum developed by DDC’s STEAM Division in partnership with Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone. Students were immersed in project based learning as they explored various concepts of engineering, architecture, and construction. Culminating into a final project that challenges students to collaboratively build a future model building, neighborhood, or city that uses the same ideas and concepts they have learned.

IS 281 teacher John Hutton scheduled the field trip to prepare students for their final project.  This field trip gave students an opportunity to explore green technologies and practice model making techniques for their final model. Students were tasked with presenting their projects and information to classmates who were unable to attend, giving students yet another opportunity to practice their presentation skills before Showcase on December 15th, 2017. 

new solar charging station
new solar charging station
new solar charging station
Students learn about the various green technologies and view examples of buildings before constructing their very own models.