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May 5, 2017

DDC Career Day Seminar at College of Staten Island

On Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, Dennis Askins, Project Manager at NYC Department of Design and Construction, gave a motivating presentation at the Career Day Seminar at the College of Staten Island, in the Graduate Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences. About 40 students were in attendance. Dennis Askins is a Professional Geologist and conducts engineering and geological research for the Program Management Unit, where he reviews and compiles infrastructure data and documents for Design and Construction Divisions. Dennis Askins also assists the Bureau of Environmental and Geotechnical Unit, the Infrastructure Division Geotechnical Engineer, in geological, environmental, and geotechnical research; and the Public Buildings Division Sustainable Design Unit in siting Geothermal Heat Pump Systems throughout NYC.  Dennis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Brooklyn College. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in Tennessee.

“Building a better NYC requires engineers, architects and scientists in all fields. The NYC DDC Infrastructure Division takes care of the streets, roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels, while the Public Buildings Division manages the capital programs for client agencies like NYPD, FDNY, DOS, etc. and, facilitates construction and upgrades to Museums and Libraries of the City. Working for NYC DDC gives one a feeling of accomplishment in your career field, as a team member in building a better NYC, “said Mr. Askins.

The presentation at the Career Day Seminar included several interesting pieces, including:

  • NYC DDC STEAM Program video, and
  • A presentation on subsurface interference encountered during construction in NYC, with:
    • Selected aerial photo of NYC (300+ square miles in Area, and 6,000+ miles of streets)
    • Sample profile of NYC Subsurface showing utilities and infrastructure below the city streets
    • Photos of buried trolley tracks below present day streets
    • Historic Brooklyn Trolley Map and Staten Island Trolley Map from early 20th Century
    • Historic Geologic maps of NYC
    • Photos of unique Geologic features of NYC
Dennis Askins (left) with CUNY Professor Athanasios (Tom) Loutavas
Dennis Askins (left) with CUNY Professor Athanasios (Tom) Loutavas
students in class
Students were engaged in a discussion regarding subsurface interference encountered on various construction sites
a 1930 nyc streetcar map
Route of NYC Street car lines -1920 Example of where subsurface interference can still be found.
Students received information regarding DDC’s Summer College Internship opportunities
Students received information regarding DDC’s Summer College Internship opportunities