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February 29, 2016


Rebooting the Research Agenda

Town+Gown’s Research Agenda ( is a key tool to move the systemic action research program along through the academic year cycles. Town+Gown continually works with participants to update the Research Agenda, which is a shared built environment resource, to reflect built environment trends in academic thought and research as well as in practice.  The questions are expressed broadly, providing umbrella research concepts from which academic and practitioner partners can work together to craft more defined projects.  The Research Agenda is a primary tool for Town+Gown’s Experiential Learning Component, which, at the end of academic year 2014-2015—Town+Gown’s sixth year of operation—had generated and/or captured a total of 92 completed projects with 31 practitioner partners and 34 academic departments or programs.  Experiential learning projects are in-kind exchanges where students provide their newly learned skills and practitioners provide real problems with real data and other information to produce knowledge and are a vital component of the Town+Gown program.  At this latest iteration of Research Agenda-focused meetings, interested academics and practitioners who attended worked in groups to develop new research projects for the Research Agenda.