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George’s Dog Run at Washington Square Park

Join Quincy for an adventure that brings us to George’s Dog Run at Washington Square Park!

In 2014, we completed renovations at Washington Square Park, and subsequently George’s Dog Run. Washington Square Park is one of New York’s best-known public spaces. The new comfort stations, play areas, dog run, and maintenance facilities will support all of the park’s many uses for generations to come.

The dog park, as well as the entire Washington Square Park, maximize New Yorker’s connection to nature. It provides easy access to green space from the surrounding streets and buildings. This experience with nature is directly linked to improved mental health, reduced stress, and overall improved well-being. The dog park is also a place that reduces social isolation by providing a space where diversity can converge over a shared interest—dogs. These connections reduce isolation and create cohesive communities, which can be hard to find in our bustling metropolis.

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