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Preliminary Bid Results

  To obtain preliminary results of recent bid openings, you can search the list below by sorting on any of the headers. Click on the PIN to view a list of bid results, including bid amounts.  (Disclaimer)  

DDC Virtual Bid Opening Video

Due to COVID-19, DDC has now implemented new bid opening procedures. Bid openings will now be conducted via "Virtual Bids On-Line". This new online bidding forum will allow contractors to stream/view bid openings via "ZOOM". Moving forward, all bid opening recordings can be found here.

Virtual Bid Openings Portfolio

DDC does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided on this automated system. The award of a City contract is subject to all applicable City, State and federal laws and regulations. All bid amounts reported herein are subject to verification and may change without notice. In the event of a conflict between the verified bid amount and information contained in this system, the verified bid amount prevails. If you believe this system contains erroneous information, you should immediately contact the DDC ACCO's office.


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