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It is our responsibility to build a city that is healthy and safe for all.

In 1997, we created our Sustainable Design unit to identify and implement cost-effective ways to promote healthier environments in New York City's public buildings. By 2012, more than 65 projects subject to Local Law 86 were designed to incorporate sustainable strategies. These projects helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2,021 metric tons per year, and saved 5,720,322 gallons of potable water use annually. That adds up to a savings of $883,389 in energy costs each year. Now, sustainable design is simply how we do business. The majority of our new construction projects must achieve a minimum of 20% energy cost reduction and water savings, as well as a LEED Silver rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

For us, this is just the beginning. As we enter this new era of green buildings, the City of New York has the influence to improve the overall quality and performance of all newly built and renovated public buildings. Through research and development, we continue to explore the benefits of geothermal systems, stormwater management, and efficient lighting. We encourage you to read through our findings, and learn how we can continue to build a greater, healthier city. 

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