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First Request for Qualifications For an Infrastructure Project Issued by the NYC Department of Design and Construction Under Its New Design-Build Program

Contact: Ian Michaels, (646) 939-6514,

(Long Island City, NY – February 5, 2021) The NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) under the agency’s developing design-build program seeking Statements of Qualifications (SOQs) from highly qualified design-build teams looking to construct ADA-compliant sidewalk pedestrian ramps throughout New York City. The RFQ is the first for an infrastructure project under the agency’s developing design-build program.

Two ramps on a street corner

The NYC Department of Design and Construction has issued its first Request for Qualifications for an infrastructure project under its new design-build program, to build ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps

In November the agency issued a Request for Qualifications seeking teams interested in working on the first two DDC public buildings projects to proceed under design-build.

“Our design-build program will reduce costs and project durations for both infrastructure and public buildings projects,” said DDC Commissioner Lorraine Grillo. “As our program expands to include infrastructure projects we have been implementing best practices so that our industry partners will consider us an owner of choice, and we expect a robust response to this RFQ as well as our future solicitations.

“With its numerous locations and varied field conditions, we believe that pedestrian ramps are ideal projects to proceed under the flexibility that design-build provides. We strongly encourage qualified firms to respond, particularly minority- and women-owned business enterprises.”

The RFQ is the first part of a two-step procurement process. DDC will rank SOQs that it receives to identify up to three design-build teams that will be able to exclusively respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) that will determine which team is awarded the project.

The RFQ can be viewed or downloaded here. Responses in the form of SOQs must be received by DDC by February 22.

Proposers should carefully review all portions of the RFQ prior to submitting their SOQ in order to understand the process, rules for participation and the requirements of the Project. Proposers are encouraged to submit questions at and to actively participate in any pre-submission conferences and events. SOQs will only be accepted from proposers who intend to provide all required services for the project.

There is no role-requirement for the leadership of the design-build team; for example, teams may be designer-led. It is desirable that teams have collective experience in design-build project delivery methods, however if key members of a team do not have that experience the proposer can indicate familiarity with the objectives of design-build and also demonstrate understanding of the interrelationship between design and construction under design-build.

The design-build method of project delivery offers several advantages over the traditional low-bid method that City government has been required to use in the past, including reducing project costs and durations and improving coordination between designers and builders. DDC and several other City agencies received permission from the State of New York in December 2019 to begin using design-build for a variety of projects. Since that time, DDC has been working to identify suitable projects to proceed under design-build and to develop a program and materials to proceed with the necessary procurements.

DDC intends to use in its design-build program qualified firms that have a demonstrated history of hiring, training, developing, promoting and retaining minority and women staff and to encourage participation by City- and State-certified M/WBE firms. Each design-build project will be subject to M/WBE participation goals for both design/consulting and construction activities.

Eligible firms are encouraged to get certified, and/or to get their eligible trade partners certified, well in advance of SOQ submission. For information about getting certified and assistance in contacting qualified M/WBE firms for partnering and subcontracting opportunities, please visit the website of the NYC Department of Small Business Services here.

All solicitation documents and amendments will be posted on DDC’s website at


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