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February 28, 2017

Southwest Bronx Community Receiving New Sewers and Water Mains, Extensive Infrastructure Upgrades

$46 Million Project Managed by NYC DDC

Shavone Williams

Bronx, NY – Residents who live near Southern Boulevard between Boston Road and Westchester Avenue in the Bronx will soon benefit from a $46 million infrastructure project that will replace sewers and 19th century cast iron water mains while reconstructing the street with new sidewalks, curbs, lighting and more. The project, which began in 2015 and is being managed by the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) for the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), is scheduled to be completed in fall 2018.

The project includes more than 39,300 feet of sewer and water main upgrades for several streets in the area, including:

  • Southern Boulevard between Crotona Park East and Westchester Avenue;
  • Boston Road between East 179th Street and East Tremont Avenue;
  • East 179th Street between Boston Road and Dead End;
  • East Tremont Avenue between Boston Road and Bronx Street; and
  • Bronx Street between East Tremont Avenue and East 179th Street

Other infrastructure improvements for the project include the installation of 29 catch basins to improve drainage, 36 enhanced sewer manholes, street lighting upgrades and the replacement of more than 160 trees around the project site.

The NYC Department of Design and Construction is managing infrastructure upgrades along Southern Blvd in the Bronx

The project will install 1,500 square-feet of enhanced concrete and asphalt at bus stops, 101,000 square-feet of road resurfacing, and more than 50,000 square-feet of sidewalk and curb realignment.

"The upgrades along Southern Boulevard will greatly improve infrastructure resiliency in the neighborhood, replacing pipes that have reached the end of their useful lifespan and enhancing the streetscape with improved lighting and features,” said DDC Commissioner Feniosky Peña-Mora. “As the end of the job approaches, we thank local elected officials and community members for their patience, which will be rewarded with a more reliable water supply and sewer system, and reconstructed roadways that will serve the public for years to come.”

DDC Construction Intern and Bronx resident Ibrahim Alassani inspects the work of the contractors and construction crews on the project site. He is also responsible for working with the project team to develop solutions for the construction and field condition challenges that arise on the job daily.

Borough resident and DDC Construction Intern Ibrahim Alassani inspects sewer construction along Southern Blvd in the Bronx

Alassani came to the United States from Togo – a country in West Africa with a population of 7.5 million. In 2016, he obtained his civil engineering degree at City College with a concentration in structural engineering and construction management. He has worked at DDC since August 2016. 

In 2016 DDC’s STEAM educational initiative participated in the beautification project around the project site.

“Working on this project has been a great experience because everyone on the project team brings their own perspective in solving problems on the job. As a Civil Engineer, it has been a great opportunity to see first-hand just how much our work is impacting the lives of those who live in this community,” said Alassani.

DDC has worked closely to accommodate the needs of the businesses and community members for the duration of the project, and in September 2016, WHEDco, a non-profit organization that helped launch the Southern Boulevard Merchant Association, teamed with DDC’s STEAM educational initiative, volunteers from JPMorgan Chase, Children’s Aid Society, and the Bronx Arts Factory, to paint tree guards in the project area to beautify the neighborhood.

Construction is being performed by general contractor Halcyon Construction Corporation of Pleasantville, New York.

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