Why You Should Work for the City

Career opportunity. Job security. Great benefits. And a rewarding mission. Whether you are looking to start, grow, or change your career, there is no better place to live your dream than with the City of New York. Whatever your career ambitions, chances are we have an opportunity for you. We represent the largest local government in the U.S. with nearly 400,000 employees and 80 agencies.

~ 400,000


Find out About Exams

Over 80% of our jobs require you to take a competitive exam. The exam list is posted every year in July and is updated monthly.

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Apply for an Exam

Review the list of upcoming exams and apply for the exams you want to take on the Online Application System (OASys) or at one of our testing centers. You will have to meet basic criteria and pay a fee to qualify.


Take the Exam

Once you apply for the exam, you can take most exams online or at a testing center, located in all five boroughs.


Get Your Results

It takes nine to 12 months for exam results to be processed. Once available, your test scores and official results will be posted on your OASys dashboard. In addition, we will mail you your results and post the list of people who passed, ranked in order by score.

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Get Called for an Interview

When it’s your turn on the list, you will get an invitation to interview in the mail from a City agency that is hiring.


Get the Offer!


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Get Started

Most City positions – over 80% – require you to take and pass a civil service exam. Standardized testing helps ensure the hiring process is fair and competitive and we find the right person for the job. Other positions do not require a civil service exam. A full list of jobs – those that require an exam and those that do not – can be found on the NYC.gov/jobs page.

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