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Standard Terms & Conditions for the Use of City-Owned Space for the Conduct of Events

1. Brochure

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) is making available city-owned space at various locations (hereinafter “event venues”) for the conduct of privately held events. Descriptions of the spaces, concession fees and building service reimbursables are set forth in the Halls of the City brochure.

2. Ascertaining Availability

There are five steps that will be required in order to obtain the right to use city-owned space for the conduct of events:

1) submission of an online application together with a $25.50 processing fee;

2) DCAS issuance of an approval form;

3) execution of a short term concession agreement between the applicant and the city

4) payment of the concession fee and security deposit;

5) submission of an insurance certificate as set forth in the concession agreement. However, before undertaking the steps set forth above as explained in greater detail hereinafter, once an applicant has selected an event venue for a proposed event, inquiry should be made as to the availability of that space for the requested specific date or dates by contacting Special Events.

3. Event Venue Walk-Through

Prior to embarking upon the formal process required to enter into an event concession agreement, an applicant is required to conduct a walk-through of the prospective event venue. This is mandatory as the applicant is required to accept the event venue in its “as is” condition. Descriptions made in the event brochure and statements made by officials, agents and employees of the city concerning the event venues are for informational purposes only and should be verified by the applicant. No such description or statement or omissions thereof, shall be deemed to be a representation or warranty and the applicant acknowledges not having relied on any representation or warranty or omissions thereof, concerning the event venue and its condition.

4. Application

Once the applicant has ascertained the availability of an event venue for a specific date or dates and conducted a walk-through and wishes to proceed with the concession process, the applicant must submit a completed application for the use of the city building for special events (the “application”). The application may be obtained online. The completed and signed application together with a non-refundable fee in the amount of Twenty-Five Dollars and fifty cents ($25.50) will be processed by the DCAS Special Events office. For further questions regarding the application please email Special Events.

5. Concession Agreement

DCAS will review the application and determine in its sole and absolute discretion whether the applicant is sufficiently credit worthy and responsible and the proposed use of the event venue appropriate for city-owned space.  No applicant (or any business, subsidiary, parent or affiliate, in which the applicant has a 20% or greater equity or voting interest) who or which has been in default in or on any contract, obligation or agreement of any kind entered into with the City of New York within the past five (5) years will be eligible to enter into a concession agreement with the city pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.  Upon DCAS’ determination to proceed, the Short Term Concession Agreement will be forwarded by postal delivery to the applicant’s postal address (the specific agreement to be executed between the parties is hereinafter referred to as the “Concession Agreement”).  Duplicate originals of the Concession Agreement signed by the applicant (or an authorized principal of applicant) should be returned to DCAS accompanied by the following:

a) a certified or cashier’s check or postal money order payable to “City of New York DCAS” equal to the total aggregate concession fee (the “Concession Fee”) which is set forth in the Concession Agreement;

b) a certified or cashier’s check or postal money order payable to “City of New York DCAS” for the building service reimbursables which is set forth in the Concession Agreement;

c) a security deposit in the form of a certified or cashier’s check or postal money order, in amount as specified in the Concession Agreement, payable to “Comptroller, City of New York”;

d) a certificate of insurance in conformance with the template insurance certificate attached to the Concession Agreement; and e) a temporary Liquor License issued by the State of New York (if applicable).

Once the above have been received by DCAS, the Concession Agreement will be executed by DCAS on behalf of the City of New York, and a fully executed original of the concession agreement will be returned to the applicant.  The City reserves the right to cancel this transaction at any time prior to delivery of a fully executed original of the Concession Agreement.

6. Additional Fees

In certain DCAS-managed buildings, in order for private events to take place, existing governmental occupants require staffing by additional personnel provided by the occupant for such events. In such buildings, the applicant may be required to execute an expense letter to be signed by the occupant entity and the applicant, in which the details of the additional personnel and costs will be summarized and the applicant will be required to agree to reimburse the occupant directly for such costs. Once the applicant submits the DCAS approval form, DCAS will identify potential occupant fees and facilitate initial conversations between the governmental occupant and applicant. The applicant will make arrangements directly with the governmental occupant and DCAS will retain a copy of the expense letter for its records.

7. Event Administration

The applicant, its contractor, and invitees must adhere to the building security protocol.

Following an event, the applicant is responsible for removing all items brought into the event space, including catered items.  Trash must be bagged and placed in a location as directed by the DCAS custodian.  DCAS custodians provide general cleaning, which involves sweeping and mopping, including the bathrooms, and taking out the trash.  Note that should damage occur to the floor, including scrapes embedded in the wax as a result of objects being dragged across the floor, repairs and restoration shall be charged to the applicant.

Applicants may request additional services.  Fees will apply.  For events where alcohol is served, DCAS will assign additional staff to work at cost to the applicant.  Examples of additional services might include special cleaning or additional lighting. Staff assignments might include:

  • Electrician
  • Carpenter
  • Laborer
  • Custodian
  • Fire Safety
  • Security

Items stored in a DCAS building prior to or after an event are stored at the sole risk of the applicant.  At the conclusion of an event, all non-City owned property must be removed from the premises by 5PM the following business day. The applicant must also notify DCAS Special Events at (212) 386-0041 or email Special Events prior to arriving to the building.

8. Cancellation

DCAS reserves the right to cancel an event at any time.  When an event is cancelled, DCAS will provide a full refund of payments, not including the $25.50 application fee.  DCAS does not typically cancel events, except in emergency situations.

Applicants may cancel an event up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the event and receive full refund, not including the $25.50 application fee.  If the applicant cancels within less than 48 hours of the scheduled event, the applicant is eligible to receive no more than a 50 percent refund.

9. Powers of the Deputy Commissioner

Unless and until a fully executed Concession Agreement is delivered to the applicant DCAS reserves the right to withdraw any offering of space to any applicant and to reject any and all applications for the use of said space. Once a fully executed concession agreement is delivered to the applicant, in the event a health and safety condition exists or may exist which may pose health and safety risks to participants at or near the event venue, the Deputy Commissioner in his/her discretion may by written notice (or if time does not permit, by verbal or telephone notice), cancel the concession agreement without liability.

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall be deemed to limit the authority of the Deputy Commissioner to take such steps as may be deemed to be in the best interest of the City.