Public Awareness Campaign about the Dangers of K2

Mayor de Blasio created a Multi-Agency Task Force to:
     •  Reduce the supply of K2
     •  Reduce the demand for K2
     •  End the distribution of K2
     •  Ensure effectiveness of the Task Force’s efforts

Led by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, the multi-agency effort includes representatives from the New York Police Department, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the Health and Hospitals Corporation, the Law Department, the Department of Homeless Services, the Sheriff, and the Attorney General’s office.

The City’s campaign advertisements highlight that K2 is marketed under numerous brand names, and that all forms of K2 contain “0% marijuana” and are “100% dangerous.”
K2 is dangerous public awareness ad
K2 is 0% marijuana and 100% dangerous. View full ad.
K2 es peligrosa
K2 es 0% marihuana y 100% peligrosa. Ver anuncio.
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Press Releases Related to Combating K2 in NYC