Information for Secondhand Clothing Stores

If you buy or sell secondhand, used, and/or vintage clothing in New York City, you must have a Secondhand Dealer General license*. DCA will be enforcing the Licensing Law beginning March 2018 to allow time for secondhand clothing stores to apply and obtain a license. Read the license application checklist and apply today.

*Note: Not-for-profit organizations are not required to have a Secondhand Dealer General license.

DCA's Visiting Inspector Program (VIP)
Within three months of receiving your new license, DCA will contact you to schedule an appointment for your compliance inspection. During the appointment, a senior inspector will provide you with important information about how to comply with the laws that DCA enforces that apply to your business, including licensing laws, the City’s Consumer Protection Law, and workplace laws like the City’s Paid Sick Leave Law. Learn more by downloading the VIP flyer in:

Page created 11/2017