Fair Workweek Law: Fast Food Employers

Fair Workweek Law: Information for Fast Food Employers

DCWP enforces NYC’s Fair Workweek Law. The law covers workers regardless of immigration status. Employers cannot punish, penalize, retaliate, or take any action against employees that might stop or deter them from exercising their rights under the law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read Fair Workweek Law in Fast Food: Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 9/15/2023)

NYC Fast Food Workers' Rights

Under the Fair Workweek Law, fast food employers in NYC:

  • Must give workers regular schedules that stay the same week-to-week
  • Must give workers work schedules 14 days in advance of the start of the schedule
  • Must pay premiums for schedule changes or clopenings
  • Must give workers a chance to say no to extra work or to clopenings
  • Must give current workers the opportunity to work more regular hours before hiring new employees
  • Cannot fire or reduce the hours of a worker by more than 15% without just cause or a legitimate business reason
  • Must reinstate laid off employees by seniority when hours become available

Fast food employers must post the notice, NYC FAST FOOD WORKERS’ RIGHTS, where employees can easily see it at each NYC workplace. Note: Employers must also post the notice in any language that is the primary language of at least 5 percent of the workers at the workplace if available below. Download a copy (updated June 2023) in:

Employer Trainings

DCWP conducted a series of educational walks and roundtables to educate workers and employers about the protections of NYC's Fair Workweek Law. Interested in scheduling a training for your organization? Email us at OLPS@dcwp.nyc.gov.

On October 30, 2023, DCWP held a free webinar to give a presentation on NYC's Fair Workweek Law, including:

  • Fast food employer responsibilities and worker rights
  • Available resources for employers
  • Q&A

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Employer Tools

DCWP created the tools below to help employers comply with the Fair Workweek Law.

NEW! Download Employer Tool for Fast Food Employer: Schedule Difference Calculator (in Excel)

Download Employer Tool for Fast Food Employer: Seniority Tracking Template (in Excel)

Download Progressive Discipline Policies: What Fast Food Employers Need to Know

Download Template Termination and Hours Reduction Notices for Fast Food Employers in Word format:

Download Employer Tool for Fast Food Employer: Notice of Schedule (in Excel)

Download Employer Tool for Fast Food Employer: Notice of Available Hours (in Excel)

Download Employer Tool for Fast Food Employer: Premium Record (in Excel)