Growing Up NYC

Growing Up NYC

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Growing Up NYC builds off of previous Children's Cabinet campaigns – including Talk to Your Baby and NYC Baby Showers – that address the developmental needs of children from birth to age three. The Cabinet's policy framework called "Growing Up NYC" supports the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of all New York City children by shaping City policies, agency practices and program development around the following key elements:

  • Guiding Principles: a set of eight core beliefs and values to shape agency work;
  • Universal Risk and Protective Factors: Factors that are critical to understanding the balance required to meet developmental needs;
  • Age-Graded Transitions: A series of developmental milestones that children should successfully meet over the course of their lives;
  • Program Spotlights: Comprehensive "spotlights" of relevant investments and programs to highlight the City's work on these issues; and
  • Well-Being Indicators: Selected indicators that will be measured to assess the City's Progress toward its goals

Download the Growing Up NYC Policy Framework Here

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Digital Tools

The Cabinet created two  complementary  digital platforms:

Growing Up NYC was created to ensure that families have access to information about city services and programming. Building on "Growing Up NYC," Generation NYC is an online resource for teens and young adults who are navigating growing up in NYC. Created through input from more than 100 NYC youth, the platform focuses on topics such as budgeting, to getting into college free and low-cost NYC trips, and inspirational youth profiles.