Permit Process

Check Application Status

After the application has been submitted online, the agency review begins and your application is placed into a "pending" status. The application will remain in “pending” status until all necessary information has been received, and relevant agencies have signed off.

All permits, except for special events, are issued approximately two weeks prior to the event date.

Why is my application pending?

  • SAPO may be waiting on your written confirmation of changes to the application, including date and location changes, or the addition and removal of elements
  • SAPO may require additional information about your proposed event or required documentation like a site plan, production schedule, or insurance
  • SAPO may be waiting on a Business Improvement District (BID), Community Board or New York Police Department (NYPD) recommendation of approval for your event
  • Community Board or BID may require you to present your event in person before recommending approval
  • Community Board or BID may require you to submit signatures from local businesses and residents, site plans, production schedules, or verification of an organization's connection to the community
  • Additional City of New York support permits may be required. You must provide these permits before SAPO approves your permit
  • Your application may have received a recommendation of denial or a denial of a supporting permit from another City Agency
  • You may have an outstanding invoice with SAPO or another City Agency