The Board

Appointment to the Board:

The Board has 15 members who must all live in the city and reflect the diversity of the city. This 15-member Board governs the CCRB, with five seats appointed by the Mayor, five appointed by the NYC City Council, three designated by the Police Commissioner, one appointed by the Public Advocate, and the Chair is jointly appointed by the Mayor and City Council.

No member of the board may have a law enforcement background, other than those designated by the police commissioner, and none may be public employees or serve in public office. Board members serve three-year terms, which can be and often are renewed. They receive compensation on a per-session basis, though some board members choose to serve pro bono.

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The Core Responsibilities of the Board Include:

  • Reviewing and evaluating all completed investigations in order to make findings on the allegations contained in each complaint.
    • Panels comprised of three board members – one mayoral designee, one city council designee, and one police commissioner designee – conduct case reviews. The panel can substantiate any allegation by a vote of two to one.
    • The CCRB forwards all cases with one or more substantiated allegations to the police commissioner. Only the police commissioner has the authority to impose discipline.
  • Analysis of complaints to determine the need for change in police department policies, procedures or training and reporting findings and recommended solutions to the police commissioner and the public.
  • Overseeing agency operations through specialized committees and setting agency policies.
  • Holding monthly public meetings.
  • Hiring the executive director.

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