Stop Asian Hate

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A Toolkit for Addressing Anti-Asian Bias, Discrimination, and Hate

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City saw a sharp increase in harassment and violence against Asian people and communities, especially Asian elders. Discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, national origin, age, and disability (including having or being perceived to be exposed to COVID-19) is illegal under the New York City Human Rights Law. Since the start of COVID-19, we have seen a sharp increase in instances of hostility and harassment directed at Chinese and other Asian communities related to COVID-19 stigma and misinformation. The NYC Commission on Human Rights, the Mayor's Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes, the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit (CAU), and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs are coordinating closely to educate the public about their rights and protections in light of COVID-19-related stigma and hate crimes.

There has been a significant, troubling increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and bias incidents since the start of the pandemic. Beginning in February of 2020, the Commission received a sevenfold increase in reports of anti-Asian harassment, discrimination, and violence. It is crucial to note that hate crimes and bias incidents have been found to be vastly under-reported so these numbers only reflect reported incidents.

If you have faced harassment or discrimination in housing, at work, or in any public place, contact the NYC Commission on Human Rights by filling out our online form or by calling 212-416-0197. If you are a victim of or witness a hate crime, call 911. There is language support if you need interpretation services.

See tweet from Mayor's Community Affairs Unit.

In this toolkit you can find the following


Additional Resources

Remarks from Mayor Eric Adams


I Still Believe in Our City

"I Still Believe in Our City" is a public awareness campaign by multidisciplinary artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. The public awareness campaign was developed with the NYC Commission on Human Rights to combat anti-Asian discrimination, harassment, and bias as a result of COVID-19, and launched with the support of the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. The art featured here is from an upcoming Art Display Case exhibition presented in partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation's Temporary Art Program.

We Belong Here
I Still Believe in Our City
This is Our Home Too
I Am Not Your Scapegoat

The "I Still Believe in Our City" campaign has graphics available to address anti-Asian racism and harassment.

Suggested posting text

  • As #COVID19 hit NYC, Asian and Pacific Islanders faced an added threat: racism and hate.
    You have a right to live free of discrimination. If you have seen anti-Asian harassment, speak up and report it to us by calling 212-416-0197.
  • Since the beginning of the #COVID-19 pandemic, NYC has seen a startling increase in harassment and discrimination against Asian communities.
    Know this: Our city is unified in its fight against stigma and hate. Learn more at
  • Asian New Yorkers: You have the right to be free from harassment and discrimination under the New York City Human Rights Law. If you have been discriminated against or harassed, report it here:
Drawing of an asian woman
Drawing of an old asian woman
Drawing of an asian woman
Drawing of an asian woman

Foreign language graphics and posting text available in Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Download printable posters

13" x 19" (with bleed)

13" x 19" (no bleed)

8-1/2" x 11" (with bleed)

8-1/2" x 11" (no bleed)

Download posters in Korean, Traditional Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Japanese

We Are More

"We Are More" is an art series that celebrates the resilience and range of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The series seeks to break down tired worn out cliches and stereotypes of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and forge in its stead a brilliant, multidimensional identity that encompasses the resilience and range of the communities.

Featuring dynamic visuals, bold typography, and human stories, "We Are More" is on view in Times Square in partnership with Times Square Arts, with subsequent installations appearing in Boston and other cities around the United States.

Protect Our Elders
Stand With Us
We Are More
We Too Are America

Learn more and download all the images at

We Are One New York

We are one New York
Harassment and discrimination related to COVID-19 is illegal in New York City
Stop the spread of misinformation about COVID-19. Learn more at
NYC stands against discrimination and harassment

Download the graphics

Suggested posting text

  • Coronavirus-related discrimination and harassment is not acceptable. You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what. If you have been discriminated against or harassed, report it here:
  • There is a lot of anxiety and fear around COVID-19, but one thing is clear: people and places shouldn't be stigmatized for the spread of viruses. If you have been discriminated against or harassed because of COVID-19 fears, report it here:

Fight Fear with Facts

Fight Fear with Facts Poster
Fight Fear with Facts Poster
Fight Fear with Facts Poster
Fight Fear with Facts Poster

Download the graphics
View translated posting text available

Suggested posting text

  • Discrimination for having a serious illness like #COVID19, or facing harassment because of the belief that you have been exposed to it, is illegal under the NYC Human Rights Law. Report discrimination and harassment to @NYCCHR at 212-416-0197 or online at
  • No matter who you are, your city will fight for you. Report bias, discrimination, or harassment to @NYCCHR at 212-416-0197 or report it online at
  • If you or someone you know has faced discrimination or harassment because of your race, religion, immigration status, or disability, contact the @NYCCHR at 212-416-0197 or report is online at

Graphic Available in 21 Languages

No one has a right to treat you badly on the basis of your race, your gender, or other part of your identity.

Are you or someone you know the victim of harassment? Call 311. If you are the victim of a crime or witness a crime, call 911. NYPD officers are not allowed to ask about your immigration status. Learn more at

Arabic: Square
‫يجهل تقع أنت أو أي شخص تعرفه ضحية للمضايقة؟ اتصل بالرقم 311 .إذا كنت ضحية جريمة أو شاهدت وقوع جريمة، فاتصل بالرقم 911 .ال يسمح لضباط إدارة شرطة مدينة نيويورك بالسؤال عن حالة الهجرة الخاصة بك. تع رف على المزيد من خالل الموقع اإللكتروني

Chinese (Simplified): Square
您或您认识的人是否为骚扰受害者?请拨打 311。如果您是某项犯罪的受害者或目 击者,请致电 911。纽约市警察局 (New York City Police Department, NYPD) 警 察不允许询问您的移民身份。了解更多信息请访问

Chinese (Traditional): Square
您或您認識的人是否為騷擾受害者?請致電 311。如果您是某項犯罪的受害者或目 擊者,請致電 911。紐約市警察局 (New York City Police Department, NYPD) 警 員不能詢問您的移民身份。如欲了解更多資訊請造訪

English: Square
Are you or someone you know the victim of harassment? Call 311. If you are the victim of a crime or witness a crime, call 911. NYPD officers are not allowed to ask about your immigration status. Learn more at

Farsi: Square
آیا شما قربانی آزار و اذیت هستید، یا از آشنایان کسی را می شناسید که باشد؟ با 311 تماس بگیرید. اگر قربانی جرم یا شاهد وقوع جرم هستید، با 911 تماس بگیرید. مأموران اداره پلیس نیویورک اجازه ندارند در مورد وضعیت مهاجرتی شما سؤال کنند .

French: Square
Vous ou une de vos connaissances êtes victime de harcèlement ? Appelez le 311. Si vous êtes victime d'un crime ou assistez à un crime, appelez le 911. Les agents du NYPD n'ont pas le droit de vous poser des questions concernant votre statut d'immigration.

Greek: Square
Είστε εσείς, ή κάποιος που γνωρίζετε, θύμα παρενόχλησης; Καλέστε το 311. Εάν είστε θύμα εγκλήματος ή μάρτυρας κάποιου εγκλήματος, καλέστε το 911. Οι αστυνομικοί της Αστυνομίας της Νέας Υόρκης (NYPD) δεν έχουν δικαίωμα να ρωτήσουν σχετικά με τη μεταναστευτική σας κατάσταση.

Haitian Kreyol: Square
Èske ou menm oswa yon moun ou konnen se yon viktim asèlman? Rele 311. Si ou se viktim yon krim oswa temwen yon krim, rele 911. Ofisye NYPD yo pa gen dwa poze ou kesyon konsènan sitiyasyon ou ak imigrasyon. Jwenn plis enfòmasyon nan

Hebrew: Square
האם אתם או מישהו שאתם מכירים קרבנות של הטרדה? התקשרו אל 311 .אם אתם קרבנות פשע או צופים בפשע , התקשרו אל 911 .קציני משטרת ניו יורק אינם מורשים לשאול אתכם אודות סטטוס ההגירה שלכם. מידע נוסף בכתובת

Italian: Square
Lei o una persona che conosce è vittima di molestie? Chiami il numero 311. Se è vittima di un crimine o assiste a un crimine, chiami il numero 911. Agli agenti del NYPD non è consentito porre domande sullo status di immigrato.

Japanese: Square
あなた、またはあなたの知っている人がハラスメントの被害に遭ってはいません か。311 にご連絡ください。犯罪の被害者、または目撃者の場合は、911 にご連 絡ください。ニューヨーク市警察の職員があなたの滞在資格を尋ねることはあり ません。詳細は

Korean: Square
본인이나 아는 사람이 괴롭힘을 받고 있습니까? 311 에 전화하세요. 범죄의 피해자이거나 목격자인 경우, 911 로 전화하세요. NYPD 경찰은 이민 신분에 대해 질문할 수 없습니다. 에서 자세히 알아보세요.

Polish: Square
Czy ty lub znajoma osoba jesteście ofiarami prześladowania? Zadzwoń pod numer 311. Osoby, które były ofiarami lub świadkami przestępstwa, prosimy o kontakt pod numer 911. Oficerom NYPD nie wolno pytać o status imigracyjny informatora.

Portuguese: Square
Você ou alguém que você conhece é vítima de assédio? Ligue para 311. Se você for vítima de um crime ou testemunhar um crime, ligue para 911. A Polícia de Nova York não pode fazer perguntas sobre seu status de imigração. Saiba mais em

Russian: Square
Вы или ваши знакомые стали жертвой притеснения? Позвоните по номеру 311. Если вы стали жертвой или свидетелем преступления, позвоните по телефону 911. Сотрудники Департамента полиции Нью-Йорка (NYPD) не имеют права задавать вопросы о вашем иммиграционном статусе.

Spanish: Square
¿Usted o algún conocido son víctimas de acoso? Llame al 311. Si es víctima de un delito o testigo de un delito, llame al 911. Los oficiales de policía de la NYPD no tienen permitido preguntarle sobre su estado de inmigración. Obtenga más información en

Tagalog: Square
Ikaw ba o sinumang kilala mo at biktima ng panliligalig? Tumawag sa 311. Kung ikaw ay biktima ng krimen o nakasaksi ng krimen, tumawag sa 911. Ang mga opisyal ng NYPD ay hindi pinapayagang magtanong tungkol sa katayuan mo sa imigrasyon. Matuto pa sa

Thai: Square
คุณหรือคนที่คุณรูจักตกเปนเหยื่อของการคุกคามหรือไม โปรดโทร 311. หากคุณตกเปนเหยื่อของอาชญากรรมหรือพบเห็นอาชญากรรม โปรดโทร 911. เจาหนาที่ตํารวจนิวยอรก (New York City Police Department, NYPD) ไมไดรับอนุญาตใหสอบถามสถานะการเขาเมืองของคุณ เรียนรูเพิ่มเติมไดที่

Urdu: Square
‫‫کیا آپ یا آپ کے جاننے والوں میں سے کوئی ہراساں کیے جانے کا شکار ہے؟ 311 پر کال کریں۔ اگر آپسے کوئی فرق کسی جرم کا شکار ہوئے ہیں یا کسی جرم کے گواہ ہیں، تو 911 پر کال کریں ۔ NYPD افسران کو آپ کیتر ک وطن کی حیثیت کے متعلق سوال پوچھنے کی اجازت نہیں ہے ۔

Vietnamese: Square
Quý vị hay một người quý vị biết có phải là nạn nhân của việc quấy rối không? Gọi 311. Nếu quý vị là nạn nhân hoặc là nhân chứng của một tội ác. gọi 911. Các viên chức NYPD không được phép hỏi về tình trạng nhập cư của quý vị.

Resources for Victims of Hate Crimes

If you have been the victim of a hate crime, you can contact a community-based organization for support
To report a hate crime, call 911:
If you have been the victim of a hate crime, you have a right to:

Download the resource graphics series, available in multiple sizes.

Additional Resources

Bystander Intervention Trainings

Bystander intervention is built on the idea that we all play a role in creating safe public spaces for each other when we see our neighbors and community members facing bias, discrimination, or harassment. The NYC Commission on Human Rights and community partners regularly co-host bystander intervention trainings to provide New Yorkers with the tools and strategies to safely respond when they witness bias incidents and discrimination.

Hate and Bias Incidents Related to COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet on Hate and Bias Incidents Related to COVID 19 | Español (Spanish) | عربى (Arabic) | اردو (Urdu) | Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | 한국어 (Korean) | বাংলা (Bengali) | русский (Russian) | Français (French) | Polskie (Polish) | יידיש (Yiddish) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) | 日本語 (Japanese) | 简体中文 (Chinese -Simplified) | 繁體中文 (Chinese - Traditional)

What is a Hate Crime Fact Sheet

What is a Hate Crime Fact Sheet | Español (Spanish) | عربى (Arabic) | اردو (Urdu) | Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | 한국어 (Korean) | বাংলা (Bengali) | русский (Russian) | Français (French) | Polskie (Polish) | 简体中文 (Chinese -Simplified) | 繁體中文 (Chinese - Traditional)

Guide for Victims of Hate Crimes

Download the guide to share about resources & services available to victims of hate crimes

Educational Resources

The New York City Department of Education and OPHC have developed for educators across the City a resource guide to materials to prevent anti-Asian and anti-COVID related discrimination that can be incorporated into lesson plans.

COVID-19-Related Anti-Bias Education Resource Guide

Community Resources

Asian American Federation (AAF)

"Stay Safe from Hate: How to Protect Yourself in Threatening Situations" booklet is available in five Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese) and includes verbal de-escalation strategies, bystander techniques, non-violent communication strategies, and physical defense techniques.

Download for free and check it out

Stop AAPI Hate

Do you have a hate incident to report? Help document the recent rise in hate crimes against Asian American elders by going to

Stop AAPI Hate is the nation's leading coalition documenting and addressing anti-Asian hate and discrimination amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you would like to connect with other community-based organizations in your area, please visit the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice's Victim Services Finder, which is currently available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.