School Program

Each year, the Commission works with middle- and high-school students across the City to train them as peer mediators. This innovative program helps students develop communication skills, solve problems, and work with teachers to resolve conflict among their classmates.

As peer mediators, students learn to listen without taking sides and to help their classmates  look for a solution and reach agreement. They ask questions to help each person understand each side of the story and  learn to enforce a code of conduct to encourage respect and confidentiality during the mediation process.

The goal of the Peer Mediation Program is to help students  develop relationships and communication skills in school and other areas of their lives. This is a great opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills, design their own solution to conflicts and learn to express their concerns in a constructive and peaceful manner.

As part of the program, participants are provided with the Commission's Student Peer Mediation Guide.

The Commission on Human Rights offers the peer mediation program free of cost to New York City Public Schools. In order to participate in the program, schools teachers and administrators should simply contact one of our Community Service Centers.

The Commission also offers trainings on bullying and cyberbullying for parents and youth.